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eMedals-Greece, Kingdom. A War Cross 1916-1917, III Class

Item: EU17813

Greece, Kingdom. A War Cross 1916-1917, III Class

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Greece, Kingdom. A War Cross 1916-1917, III Class

(Πολεμικό Σταυρό 1916-1917). Instituted in 1917. In silvered bronze, measuring 44.5 mm (w) x 48.5 mm (h), original ribbon with dual prong pinback, spotting, near extremely fine.


Footnote: In 1917, the provisional government in Thessaloniki proposed to award a medal as an honourable distinction for military actions in time of war. The medal was later established by Royal Decrees with modifications, additions and replacements of articles up to 1922. It was awarded to the Flags of distinguished battalions, to those serving in the Armed Forces for acts of gallantry and other exceptional actions, and to civilians for exceptional services offered during the First World War, the Ukraine Campaign of 1920 and the Greek-Turkish War of 1919-1922. The War Cross was instituted on June 30, 1917 and was awarded in three classes: I Class with a bronze laurel branch on the ribbon, II Class with a bronze star on the ribbon and III Class with a plain ribbon.

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