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Great Britain

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  • Item: GB6473

    Great Britain. A 1939 Manufacture Brodie Mark I Helmet by Briggs Motor Bodies Ltd  

  • Item: GB6474

    Great Britain. A Second War Period Royal Air Force Ensign  

  • Item: GB6475

    A First War British Royal Flying Core Scale Airplane Propellor Desk Ornament  

  • Item: GB6478

    Great Britain. A Red and White Busby Plume (AKA Hackle)  

  • Item: GB6476

    Great Britain. A Pair of Army Major-General's Shoulder Straps, c.1935  

  • Item: GB6481

    Great Britain. A Sailors Society Cross Commemorating the Anniversaries of the Battles of Trafalgar and Waterloo 1915  

  • Item: GB6479

    Great Britain. A Pair of Shoulder Epaulettes  

  • Item: GB6477

    Great Britain. A Welsh Guards Other Ranks Busby Plume (AKA Hackle)  

  • Item: GB6482

    Great Britain. A Lot of Two British Medals  

  • Item: GB6480

    Great Britain. An OBE & Military Cross Miniature Group, c.1945  

  • Item: GB6483

    Great Britain. A Royal Flying Corps (RFC) Cap Badge, c.1917  

  • Item: GB6484

    Great Britain. A Crimea Medal 1854-1856, Sebastopol  

Total items found 12

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