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Great Britain

Total items found 21

  • Item: GB5380

    A First War Memorial Plaque; Killed by German Mine 1916 

  • Item: GB3359

    A Canada General Service Medal to the Rifle Brigade 

  • Item: GB4341

    A First War British Pair to Reverend Leonard T. Strong 

  • Item: GB4107

    An 1854 India General Service Medal to a Canadian Sergeant 

  • Item: GB4326

    A First War British Naval Group to Destroyer H.M.S. Venetia 

  • Item: GB4324

    A First War Group to the Gunner-in-Command of Torpedo Boat No.0.44 

  • Item: GB4325

    A First War British Naval Group; Sinking of SM UB-54 1918 

  • Item: GB4901

    A Crimean and China Campaign Group to 4th Brigade, Royal Artillery 

  • Item: GB6415

    Four First War British Awards 

  • Item: GB6413

    A British General Service Medal 1918-1962, to Signalman M.A.J. Browning, Royal Signals 

  • Item: G33646

    A Scarce Nuremberg War Crimes Trial Badge by Christian Lauer 

  • Item: GB6416

    Four Royal Commemorative Medals 

  • Item: GB6412

    A British Efficiency Medal with Territorial Scroll, to Bombardier R. Bleese, Royal Artillery 

  • Item: GB6417

    Five British Second War Stars 

  • Item: GB6419

    Two British Conjoined Clasps for the Afghanistan Medal 1878-1880 

  • Item: GB5733

    Four Victorian Era British Military Studio Photographs 

  • Item: GB6414

    A First War Trio to Sapper (Sergeant) Cyril D. Mackenzie, Royal Engineers 

  • Item: GB6420

    A British Royal Scots Cap Badge 

  • Item: GB6418

    A British Mercantile Marine War Medal with Packet of Issue, to Thomas J. Rowlands 

  • Item: GB6421

    A First War British "On War Service" Badge 1915 

  • Item: GB6422

    A Second War First Pattern Type “C” Flying Helmet of the Royal Air Force 

Total items found 21

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