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Single Campaign Medals

Total items found 9

  • Item: W3121

    Documents to Maine State Senator KIA at the Battle of Spotsylvania 

  • Item: GB6391

    A Second War Air Crew Europe Campaign Star 

  • Item: GB6398

    An 1882-89 Egypt Medal to the Medical Service Corps  

  • Item: GB6396

    A 1854-1855 Baltic Medal  

  • Item: GB6394

    A 1918-1962 General Service Medal to PTE. T.Manyele 

  • Item: GB6399

    A 1962 Campaign Service Medal to the 10th Gurkha Rifles 

  • Item: GB6397

    An 1895 Indian Medal to Corporal Gerald Cecil Barry 

  • Item: GB6395

    A 1914-1918 Mercantile Marine War Medal to Thomas J. Rowlands  

  • Item: GB6401

    A 1914 Star to the 1st King's Royal Rifle Corps  

Total items found 9

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