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eMedals-An Egypt Service & First War Naval Long Service Grouping to Chief Armourer David Brown

Item: GB5810

An Egypt Service & First War Naval Long Service Grouping to Chief Armourer David Brown

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An Egypt Service & First War Naval Long Service Grouping to Chief Armourer David Brown

Egypt Medal 1882-1889, Undated Reverse, 1 Clasp - SUAKIN 1885 (D. BROWN, PLUMBER, H.M.S. EURYALUS.); Khedive's Star; British War Medal (103927 D. BROWN. CH. AMR. R.N.); and Royal Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, Victoria (DAVID BROWN, CH. ARM, H.M.S. CORMORANT.). Naming is officially impressed on the three medals, the star is un-named. Un-mounted, replacement ribbons, edge nicks and wear, along with overall contact evident on the silver medals, very fine. Accompanied by copies of his Service Records, along with a copies of the Royal Navy Medal Rolls entitling him to the Egypt Medal and the British War Medal. Footnote: David Brown was born on February 10, 1855 in Dundee, Scotland. He was a Plumber by trade and enlisted as a Plumber's Mate with the Royal Navy for ten years' service on March 25, 1878, at the age of 23. He was to have a thirty-two year continuous career with the Royal Navy, serving with various ships and naval depots between March 1878 and March 1910, including: H.M.S. Pembroke, Druid, Bellerophon, Pembroke, Sphinx, Euryalus, Carysfort, Thalia, Asia, Hotspur, Excellent, Vernon, Tartar, Victory I & II, Royal Sovereign, Mars, Camperdown, Devastation, Anson, St. George, Cormorant, Duke of Wellington II, Sappho and President. He was promoted to Armourer in June 1884, to Acting Chief Armourer in October 1892 and to Chief Armourer in June 1895. Brown was with the screw cruiser H.M.S. Euryalus in the Egyptian theatre, from February 29 to March 13, 1884, qualifying him for the Egypt Medal with Suakin clasp, which he was awarded in March 1885 and the Khedive's Star. He was with the Osprey-class sloop H.M.S. Cormorant when he was awarded the Royal Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal in February 1901. Brownwent on to serve an additional four years in the Royal Navy as a Chief Armourer, as he was recalled for First World War service on July 23, 1915, initially serving at H.M.S. Excellent, before moving on to H.M.S. Victory II on November 12, 1915, then returning to H.M.S. Excellent on March 23, 1916, where he would finish out the war, before being de-mobilized on July 18, 1919, at the age of 41. For his First World War service, he was awarded the British War Medal.Brown served a total of thirty-six in the Royal Navy.
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