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eMedals-A First War Group to the Gunner-in-Command of Torpedo Boat No.0.44

Item: GB4324

A First War Group to the Gunner-in-Command of Torpedo Boat No.0.44

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A First War Group to the Gunner-in-Command of Torpedo Boat No.0.44

A First War Group to the Gunner-in-Command of Torpedo Boat No.0.44 - 1914-15 Star (GNR. L.W. BROCK. R.N.); British War Medal (CH. GNR. L.W. BROCK. R.N.); and Victory Medal (CH. GNR. L.W. BROCK. R.N.). Naming is officially impressed. Court-mounted, dark patina on the BWM, light contact, extremely fine. Accompanied by a duotang folder with his military biography and twelve black and white ship photographs.

Footnote: Leonard Walter Brock was born in 1874 and began his naval career as an Ordinary Seaman. He later achieved the rank of Gunner on July 2, 1903  and began service on the sixteen gun Battleship H.M.S. Majestic, as part of the Channel Squadron, on July 15, 1904. Ten months later, on May 26, 1905, he was posted to the Cruiser H.M.S. Mercury, which was the Training Ship for Navigating Officers and passed his Warrant Officer's Course in Navigation and Pilotage in 1907. He was transferred on March 11, 1907 to the eleven gun Cruiser H.M.S. Dido, as part of the Home Fleet stationed at The Nore, located at the mouth of the Thames Estuary, and appointed "For Training Duties". After twenty-three months service with H.M.S. Dido, he was posted to the Torpedo Gun-Boat H.M.S. Harrier at Portsmouth, a tender to H.M.S. Dryad, as Second-in-Command, on February 9, 1909.

He left English waters for Gibraltar, where he was posted to H.M.S. Torpedo Boat No. 93, a tender to H.M.S. Cormorant, as Gunner-in-Command, on June 1, 1910. He returned to England, where he was posted to the Sloop H.M.S. Vestal, a tender to H.M.S. Excellent, for Gunnery School, as a Second-in-Command, on September 18, 1913. Upon the outbreak of hostilities in the First World War, from August 1, 1914 to June 1915, he was Gunner-in-Command of Torpedo Boat No.0.65 with the Local Defence Flotillas. Brock left British waters for a second time, to serve in the Mediterranean, first with the Cruiser H.M.S. Europa as a Depot Ship, from September 1, 1915 to July 15, 1916, then as a Gunner-in-Command of Torpedo Boat No.0.44, from July 15, 1916 to July 1918. Brock was named a Chief Gunner on July 2, 1918 and finished his war service with the Cruiser H.M.S. Achilles of the 2nd Cruiser Squadron of the Grand Fleet, from July 27, 1918 to November 1918. Post-war, he was posted to the Battle-Cruiser H.M.S. Repulse with the Battle-Cruiser Squadron, as part of the Atlantic Fleet, on June 29, 1919. He followed that with a posting to the Destroyer H.M.S. Rival, a tender to H.M.S. Fisgard and appointed as Second-in-Command, on October 10, 1921. He attained the rank of Lieutenant on August 12, 1922 and was assigned to the Royal Naval Armament Depot at Marchwood, Hampshire, as Officer Commanding, from August 12, 1922 to May 1931. He did retire in 1924 but was employed and on the retired list from 1924 to 1931 and was given the rank of Lieutenant-Commander (Retired) on August 12, 1930. He died in early 1935.

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