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  • Item: G19647

    An NSKK Vehicle Pennant 

  • Item: G19178

    A Rare SS-Vlaanderen-Korps Cufftitle 

  • Item: G18337

    A Set of NSDAP Gau Obergemeinschaftsleiter Collar Tabs with RZM Label 

  • Item: G16901

    A Pair of SS-Untersturmfhrer Engineers Shoulder Boards 

  • Item: G17328

    A First War German Imperial Iron Cross Medal Pair 

  • Item: G17413

    A Waffen-SS Cufftitle for Enlisted “SS-Feldgendarmerie” 

  • Item: G17512

    A 1936 German Olympic Games Medal 

  • Item: G17506

    An Afrikakorps Campaign Cufftitle 

  • Item: G17523

    A Silver Grade SA Sports Badge by W.Redo 

  • Item: G17480

    A Late War Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge 

  • Item: G17514

    A Rare 1934 Canine Training Award 

  • Item: G17478

    A Silver Grade Luftwaffe Squadron Clasp for Fighter Pilots by G.H. Osang 

  • Item: G17502

    A 1936 German Olympic Games Medal 

  • Item: G17515

    A Late War Tank Assault Badge; Bronze Grade 

  • Item: G17479

    A Luftwaffe Air Defence Award; First Class 1957 Version 

  • Item: G17543

    A German Cross in Silver; 1957 Version 

  • Item: G17604

    A RAD Sports Shirt Insignia 

  • Item: G17690

    A Pair of Political Leader Collar Tabs; GAU Level 

  • Item: G17748

    A Luftwaffe Glider Pilot’s Badge 

  • Item: G17811

    A German Veteran's Association (Deutscher Kriegerbund) Eagle; Type I 

  • Item: G17769

    A 1923 Stahlhelm Membership Badge in Silver 

  • Item: G17824

    A Spanish Cross in Silver with Swords by Berg & Nolte , Ludenscheid 

  • Item: G17849

    A Marine HJ/DJ Rank Insignia; RZM Tagged 

  • Item: G18004

    A Luftwaffe Air Gunner's & Flight Engineers Badge by Juncker 

  • Item: G18261

    A 1933 Gau- München Badge 

  • Item: G19179

    A Mint SS Deutschland Officer’s Cufftitle 

  • Item: G18975

    A Wehrmacht Officer's Tote Case by Arndt & Lehmann 

  • Item: G15756

    An SS Germania Reserve Battalion 4th Company Plaque 

  • Item: G19422

    A German Gendarmerie NCO's Sleeve Eagle; 1941 Pattern 

  • Item: G19427

    A Pair of Waffen-SS Panzer EM’s Shoulder Straps  

  • Item: G19429

    A Waffen-SS Estonian Volunteer Sleeve Shield 

  • Item: G19507

    A German Imperial Badge for Naval Observers; Prinzen Size 

  • Item: G19547

    A Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories EM Sleeve Eagle 

  • Item: G18419

    A Waffen-SS "Langemarck" RZM cufftitle 

  • Item: G19639

    A Motorized Rural Police (Motorisierte Gendarmerie) Officer's Cufftitle 

  • Item: G20182

    A Luftwaffe Geschwader Boelcke Cufftitle  

  • Item: G20183

    A Scarce & Early Sturmbann Honor Cuff Title "Sturmbann z. b. U. V/ W f" 

  • Item: G20185

    A Scarce 1939 Issue Party Court Kreisgericht (Kreis Court) Cufftitle 

  • Item: G20482

    A Werkchar DAF Factory Protection Troop Cufftitle  

  • Item: G17511

    A Large 1933 Cologne NSDAP Day Badge 

  • Item: G17469

    An 1870 Iron Cross Miniature Group 

  • Item: G20728

    A Kreta Campaign Cufftitle 

  • Item: G20733

    A Scarce First Type Afrika Campaign Cufftitle  

  • Item: G20771

    A Marine-HJ Armband for “Marineoberhelfer” for Kriegsmarine Service 

  • Item: G19378

    An NSDAP District (Gau) Level Anwärter (Party Member "Candidate") Collar Tab 

  • Item: G26450

    A 1936 Koblenz District Day Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G26494

    A First Class Silesian Eagle 

  • Item: G26489

    A German Reichs-Midwife’s Association Membership Badge 

  • Item: G26490

    A Silver Grade Infantry Assault Badge 

  • Item: G26502

    A German POW Camp ID Tag for Allied Soldiers Housed at the Stalag III-C Camp 

  • Item: G24943

    A Waffen-SS Pair of Shoulder Boards for an SS-Brigadeführer 

  • Item: G26508

    A Third Reich Period Abteilungs Sportfest First Place Long Jump Medal 

  • Item: G26507

    A 1936 SA-NSDAP Winter Sports Competition in Oberschreiberhau Prize Medal 

  • Item: G24981

    A 1935 Monument Inauguration of Goeben Badge 

  • Item: G22502

    Two Second War Stickpins; Dutch SS & Labour Service 

  • Item: G19354

    An NSDAP Long Service Award for 15 Years Service 

  • Item: G17624

    A Technical Emergency Service (TENO) Honour Badge 

  • Item: G17585

    A 1934 Lower Saxony Day, Brunswick Tinnie 

  • Item: G22704

    A German Eagle Order by Godet; Third/Fifth Class Cross with Case 

  • Item: G17976

    A 1912 Mecklenburg Friedrich Franz-Alexandra Cross 

Total items found 479

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