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  • Item: G19993

    Award Documents & Photographs to Female Air News Leader; 3./Luftgau Nachrichten Regiment 7  

  • Item: G25482

    A Period Signed Picture Postcard of Wilhelm Frick; Reich Minister of the Interior  

  • Item: G25503

    Knight’s Cross Bearers of the Army 1942; Oberst Karl Lohmeyer 

  • Item: G25529

    A Bronze Grade Panzer Assault Badge by Hermann Aurich  

  • Item: G25539

    A Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Flak/Artillery Officer’s Cap by Erel Sonderklasse 

  • Item: G25545

    An M35 Single Decal Ex-Tropical Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Stahlhelm by Firma F.W. Quist 

  • Item: G26082

    A Mint Iron Cross 1939 Second Class; Unmarked 

  • Item: G25041

    An Wehrmacht Heer/Army Musik Korps Kettle Drum Skirt 

  • Item: G25890

    An SS EM/NCO’s Belt Buckle by Koppelschloss für Mannschaften/Unterführer 

  • Item: G24364

    A Letter by SS-Obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichmann 

  • Item: G26208

    An SS Totenkopf EM/NCO’s Collar Tab  

  • Item: G25016

    A V1 Rocket "Shadow over England" Propaganda Campaign Leaflet 1944 

  • Item: G25483

    A Period Signed Picture Postcard of Artur Axmann; Leader of the HJ 

  • Item: G25525

    A Waffen SS EM/NCO's Steel Belt Buckle by Robert C. Dold, Offenburg 

  • Item: G25284

    A Scarce Reichslabor Service Cufftitle with Document; Emsland  

  • Item: G26278

    A Second War Army/Heer Long Service Medal Pair 

  • Item: G26316

    A Wehrmacht Army 5th Cavalry Regiment Traditions Visor Skull 

  • Item: G26363

    A Deutsche Jugend (DJ) Shooting Achievement Badge by Förster & Barth 

  • Item: G25894

    A Panzer Badge; Silver Grade by Hermann Aurich Co. 

  • Item: G25892

    A Kriegsmarine Submarine Badge by Georg Schwerin 

  • Item: G25893

    An Early Plated Type Infantry Assault Badge; Unmarked 

  • Item: G25896

    A Panzer Badge; Silver Grade by Hermann Aurich Co. 

  • Item: G25895

    An Infantry Assault Badge; Bronze Grade by Richard Sieper & Söhne 

  • Item: G26381

    A Kriegsmarine Issued Narvik Campaign Shield 

  • Item: G26009

    A Factory Firefighter NCO Sleeve Eagle 

  • Item: G26012

    A 1940 Landesbauernschaft Bayern-Ostmark Thanksgiving Badge 

  • Item: G26014

    A German Labour Front “We helped built it” Badge 

  • Item: G26039

    A Set of Two German War Graves Commission Donation Stickpins and Badges 

  • Item: G26094

    A Mint Estonian SS-Volunteer Shield Patch 

  • Item: G26057

    A Second War Army Sports Vest Emblem  

  • Item: G26066

    A 1935 Munich Grocery and Luxury Foodstuffs Reichs Exhibition Badge by Willy Annetsberger 

  • Item: G26127

    An Unattributed 1938 “Homefest” Badge 

  • Item: G26146

    A Matching Set of Flak/Artillery Leutnant Collar Tabs 

  • Item: G26197

    A Mint SS Officer’s Sleeve Eagle 

  • Item: G26276

    A Set of Second War German Volunteer Army Turkestan Legion EM Shoulder Straps 

  • Item: G26261

    A Mint 1923-24 Schlageter Badge; First Version by Paul Kust 

  • Item: G26362

    A Bronze Grade Tank Badge by A.S 

  • Item: G26393

    A Pre-War Private Purchase Wehrmacht Artillery Officer’s Overseas Cap 

  • Item: G26418

    A Krim Shield Document & Cloth E-Boat Badge to KC Recipient Kommandant Kurt Fimmen 

  • Item: G26300

    A Student’s Federation “Kampfhilfe” Aid Badge 

  • Item: G25018

    A Fine Honour Goblet Luftwaffe Group to Unteroffizier Lassow; Kampfgruppe 806 

  • Item: G24532

    Two Submariner's Posthumous Award Documents to Gustav Adolf Schildt 

  • Item: G27845

    A RAD (Reichsarbeitsdienst) Long Service Award; 3rd Class 

  • Item: G27846

    A Border Protection (Zollgrenzschutz/ Customs) Long Service Award 

  • Item: G26112

    A 1939/1940 Kriegswinterhilfswerk Wall Plaque  

  • Item: G26106

    A 1935 National Socialist People’s Welfare Membership Badge 

  • Item: G26305

    A German Mountain Troops Gebirgsjäger Edelweiss Officer's Sleeve Insignia 

  • Item: G26293

    A Large GAU Honor Badge Baden 

  • Item: G26256

    A Pair of Early Waffen-SS Cavalry Shoulder Boards 

  • Item: G31402

    Five Second War German Medal Ribbon Bars and Boutonnieres 

  • Item: G28475

    An Iron Cross 1939 First Class by Zimmermann in its Original Case of Issue 

  • Item: G28648

    An Iron Cross 2nd Class Field Converted to Knight Cross 

  • Item: G26212

    A Kreigsmarine E-Boat Badge by Schwerin, Berlin; Second Version  

  • Item: G28551

    A Luftwaffe Tropical Artillery Pull Over Shirt  

  • Item: G28626

    A Scarce Retired Pilot's Badge Miniature Stick Pin 

  • Item: G28650

    A Luftwaffe General's Breast Eagle for White Summer Tunic 

  • Item: G28661

    An Early Bronze Grade Luftwaffe Squadron Clasp for Bomber Pilots in its Original Case of Issue 

  • Item: G28430

    A General Assault Badge Miniature Stick Pin 

  • Item: G28735

    A Silver Grade Luftwaffe Short Range Day Fighter Clasp by G. H. Osang of Dresden 

  • Item: G29470

    A Single Decal M40 Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Stahlhelm by Eisenwerke Thale 

Total items found 457

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