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  • Item: G18300

    A Soldbuch to the 313rd Special Training Reserve Battalion 

  • Item: G17060

    A Geschwader Hindenburg Cufftitle 

  • Item: G17061

    A Jagdgeschwader Udet Cufftitle; Other Ranks 

  • Item: G17284

    An HJ Shooting Efficiency Badge by Rudolf Reiling (M1/25) 

  • Item: G17506

    An Afrikakorps Campaign Cufftitle 

  • Item: G17574

    A Luftwaffe Officers General Wever Cufftitle 

  • Item: G17575

    A Rare Luftwaffe Werkschutz Cufftitle; Officer's Version 

  • Item: G17580

    A Geschwader Hindenburg Cufftitle; 1957 Version 

  • Item: G14512

    A Cloth Version of the Iron Cross First Class 1939 

  • Item: G14566

    An TODT Document Group to Josef Steiner; Narvik Veteran 

  • Item: G14860

    An Honour Goblet Award Document to the Condor Legion 

  • Item: G19921

    A German "Front Heil" Veteran's Association Belt Buckle 

  • Item: G21037

    A War Merit Cross 1st Class with Swords by Juncker (L/12); Screwback  

  • Item: G21106

    A Tank Destruction Badge 

  • Item: G21304

    A 1941 Tirol Shooting Association at Vorarlberg Badge  

  • Item: G21029

    A Set of Luftwaffe Medical Unit Oberleutnant’s Collar Tabs  

  • Item: G21040

    A Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger Badge by Assmann 

  • Item: G21121

    A Luftwaffe Breast Eagle; Tropical Version  

  • Item: G21092

    A German Army Officer's Edelweiss Badge  

  • Item: G21093

    A 1914-1918 Lippe-Detmold War Merit Cross; Second Class 

  • Item: G21095

    An Unusual First War Silver Grade Wound Badge  

  • Item: G21227

    A Clasp to the Iron Cross Second Class 1939; Reduced Size 

  • Item: G25496

    A Second War German Submarine Badge; unmarked 

  • Item: G21371

    An 1890 Prussian Wedding Anniversary Medal with Case 

  • Item: G22716

    A Box for General Assault/Panzer/Infantry Badge by Rudolf Leukert 

  • Item: G23526

    A German Imperial Badge for Naval Observers by H. Schaper 

  • Item: G24797

    A Mint SS Totenkopf Officer’s Collar Tab; RZM Tagged 

  • Item: G21913

    A Prussian Pilot’s Badge; Prinzen Size by Carl Dilenius 

  • Item: G25151

    A German Police (Polizei) Sport Shirt Eagle Insignia 

  • Item: G17798

    The Command Flag of the Chief of the High Command Wilhelm Keitel 

  • Item: G24798

    A Mint SS Officer’s Sleeve Eagle 

  • Item: G17414

    A Luftwaffe Afrika Campaign Cufftitle; Other Ranks Version 

  • Item: G17062

    A General Göring Officer's Cufftitle 

  • Item: G22635

    A General Assault Badge; Grade III (50) by Rudolf Karneth  

  • Item: G21090

    A Second War German Kriegsmarine Honor Roll Clasp  

  • Item: G22994

    A Double Etched Army Dagger by Ernst Pack & Named to Hauptmann Fell 

  • Item: G23227

    A German Red Cross Honor Award 2nd Model (1934-1937); Grand Cross by Godet 

  • Item: G14756

    The Soldbuch of Albert Amerongen; 2nd SS Technical Infantry Regiment 

  • Item: G23318

    An Early First War Bavarian Pilot's Badge by P. Meybauer, Berlin 

  • Item: G24512

    An Afrika Campaign Cufftitle 

  • Item: G25030

    A Luftwaffe Enlisted Man’s Belt Buckle 1942 

  • Item: G25629

    A 10-Year Anniversary of the NSDAP in Steinbach-Hallenberg Badge 

  • Item: G21424

    A 1938 German National Socialist Flyers Corps Award  

  • Item: G21329

    A Very Rare SA-Marine Side Cap Badge 

  • Item: G21337

    A Waffen-SS EM/NCO Belt Buckle by Overhoff and Cie 

  • Item: G21326

    A Pair of Waffen-SS Panzer Shoulder Straps to an Unteroffizier  

  • Item: G21312

    A Late War SS Officer's Belt Buckle 

  • Item: G23743

    A Hermann Goring Division Cufftitle; Other Ranks Version 

  • Item: G21070

    A Set of German Army (Heer) Visor Insignia with Chin Strap 

  • Item: G25641

    A Submarine Badge by Schwerin 

  • Item: G25640

    An SS Whistle 

  • Item: G25646

    A National Federation of Free Sisters and Nurses of the German Nurse’s League Badge 

  • Item: G25651

    A RDK State Federation of Families Badge 

  • Item: G25664

    A 1936 Leipzig German Day of Jurists Badge by Klotz und Kienast 

  • Item: G25691

    A Lot of Three Imperial German/Austrian Ribbon Bars 

  • Item: G21327

    A Badge of the Croatian/German Einsatzstaffel (ES) ES Units 

  • Item: G21032

    A League of German Naval Organizations Medal for Bravery 1914-1918 

  • Item: G24203

    An NCO-E/M Großdeutschland Cufftitle; 4th Pattern 

  • Item: G24328

    A Gold Grade Spanish Cross by Steinhauer und Lück 

  • Item: G21845

    A Rare Second War German Medal Bar with Two Danzig Awards 

Total items found 455

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