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eMedals-Prussia, State. A First and Second War Police Long Service Medal Bar

Item: G36799

Prussia, State. A First and Second War Police Long Service Medal Bar

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Prussia, State. A First and Second War Police Long Service Medal Bar

A first and second war medal bar with five medals, awards, and decorations, consisting of 1) An Iron Cross 1914 Second Class (Eisernes Kreuz 1914 2. Klasse); a cross pattée of multi-piece construction with a blackened iron core (magnetic) within a ribbed border; on loop for suspension; the obverse with a raised central “W”, with the re-institution date “1914” in raised numbering on the lower arm, and the royal crown on the upper arm; the reverse with a central oak-leaf branch consisting of three oak leaves, with the original institution date “1813” in raised numbers on the lower arm, a raised Prussian crown on the upper arm, with “FW” in equally raised lettering directly below; measuring 43.45 mm (w) x 43.49 mm (h). 2) A Hindenburg Cross (Ehrenkreuz des Weltkriegs 1914/1918); a bronzed metal (magnetic) cross pattée with crossed swords between the arms of the cross; the obverse inscribed with “1914/1918” within an open-ended laurel wreath; the reverse plain; maker marked with an unknown mark on the reverse; measuring 37.55 mm (w) x 37.70 mm (h). 3) A Police 25-Year Long Service Cross (Dienstauszeichnung für Treue Dienste in der Polizei); a cross pattee in gilt bronze; on loop for suspension; with an oval oak wreath and police-style eagle with outstretched wings and a wreathed mobile swastika in its talons; the reverse with a centre inscribed “Für Treue Dienste in der Polizei” (For Loyal Services in the Police); measuring 42.91 mm (w) x 43.28 mm (h). 4) A Entry into the Sudetenland Commemorative Medal (Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 1. October 1938); A circular bronze medal; on loop for suspension; the obverse with two raised male figures, the one on the right bearing the German flag in his left hand, with his right hand placed around the shoulders of the figure on the left, with broken chains around his right arm (symbolic of the liberation of the Sudeten German from Czechoslovak oppression), with the German eagle directly below; the reverse with the date “1. Oktober 1938” centrally and circumscribed “Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer” (One People, One Country, One Leader); measuring 32.17 mm in diameter. 5) A Golden Jubilee Remembrance Medal ((Goldene Hochzeits-Jubiläumsmedaille); a round gilded magnetic medal; the obverse depicting the rightward facing busts of Ludwig of Bavaria and Maria Theresia, circumscribed “Weihnachten 1918” (German - Christmas), surrounded by a laurel wreath; the reverse inscribed “ZUR ERINNERUNG AN DIE GOLDENE HOCHZEIT - 20 FEBR. 1918” (German - In Rememberance of the Golden Jubilee); on a double loop for suspension; measuring 37.97 mm in diameter; the medal bar with a non-magnetic core; with a field grey wool backer; horizontal pinback; measuring 148 mm (w) x 67 mm (h); in overall better than very fine condition.
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