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Hitler Youth (HJ) Awards

Total items found 7

  • Item: G19969

    A Decoration of the High Command of the H.J.; For Distinguished Foreigners 

  • Item: G29264

    An HJ Fire Defense Badge with Award Document  

  • Item: G29276

    A HJ Proficiency Badge by Karl Wurster 

  • Item: G29426

    A 1938 HJ Victor’s Badge in the National TRade Competition by Gustav Brehmer 

  • Item: G29427

    A Late War HJ Membership Badge by Anton Schenkl of Vienna 

  • Item: G29437

    A HJ Membership Badge by Franz Schmidt of Gablonz 

  • Item: G29460

    A Golden HJ Leader’s Sports Proficiency Badge by Gustav Brehmer of Markneukirchen; Numbered 

Total items found 7

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