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Third Reich Luftwaffe

Total items found 14

  • Item: G24998

    An NSFK Award Medallion 1938 with Award Document and Case  

  • Item: G25018

    A Fine Honour Goblet Luftwaffe Group to Unteroffizier Lassow; Kampfgruppe 806 

  • Item: G24812

    A Mint Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger Badge; Cloth Version 

  • Item: G25086

    An NSFK Aero-Modeling Achievement Badge; 2nd Type 

  • Item: G28661

    An Early Bronze Grade Luftwaffe Squadron Clasp for Bomber Pilots in its Original Case of Issue 

  • Item: G28735

    A Silver Grade Luftwaffe Short Range Day Fighter Clasp by G. H. Osang of Dresden 

  • Item: G18022

    A Luftwaffe Document Group to Stuka Pilot & DKG Recipient 

  • Item: G18041

    A DKG & Honor Goblet Document Group to Observer Johann Klatte 

  • Item: G31762

    A Cased Luftwaffe Radio Operator Badge by Hermann Aurich; Aluminum Version 

  • Item: G31763

    A Cased Early Quality Luftwaffe Pilot’s Badge by Berg & Nolte 

  • Item: G31818

    An Early Luftwaffe Flak Badge; Named  

  • Item: G31566

    A Luftwaffe Air Gunner Badge (Without Lightning Bolts) by Berg & Nolte 

  • Item: G31569

    A Fine Early Luftwaffe Pilot’s Badge by C. E. Juncker (J-1) 

  • Item: G31577

    A Luftwaffe Air Gunner Badge (Without Lightning Bolts) by Wilhelm Deumer 

Total items found 14

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