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Third Reich Luftwaffe

Total items found 23

  • Item: G17480

    A Late War Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge 

  • Item: G17478

    A Silver Grade Luftwaffe Squadron Clasp for Fighter Pilots by G.H. Osang 

  • Item: G17748

    A Luftwaffe Glider Pilot’s Badge 

  • Item: G18004

    A Luftwaffe Air Gunner's & Flight Engineers Badge by Juncker 

  • Item: G19542

    A Glider’s Badge Silver Class with Silver Wreath 

  • Item: G19546

    An NSFK Reich Competition Award for Aero Modellers 

  • Item: G19387

    An Early Luftwaffe Observer’s Badge by Juncker, Berlin 

  • Item: G17950

    An Early Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge bu C.E.Juncker 

  • Item: G23703

    A Silver Grade Squadron Clasp for Bomber Pilots  

  • Item: G16794

    A Luftwaffe Short Range Day Fighter Clasp; Silver Grade 

  • Item: G22572

    A Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger Badge by C.E.Juncker; F Type  

  • Item: G24000

    A Luftwaffe Radio Operator & Air Gunner Badge by JMME & Sohn 

  • Item: G24957

    A Luftwaffe Observer Badge; Cloth Version 

  • Item: G24770

    A Luftwaffe Pilot’s Badge; Cloth Version 

  • Item: G24854

    A Luftwaffe pilot’s Badge; Cloth Version 

  • Item: G26213

    A cased Radio Operator & Air Gunner Badge by Berg & Nolte, Lüdenscheid 

  • Item: G21116

    A Large NSFK Gliders Pilot's Badge  

  • Item: G24998

    An NSFK Award Medallion 1938 with Award Document and Case  

  • Item: G24812

    A Mint Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger Badge; Cloth Version 

  • Item: G29279

    A Second War Luftwaffe Female Auxiliary Member’s Lapel Pin 

  • Item: G29398

    A Luftwaffe Radio Operator & Air Gunner Badge, Cloth Officer's Version 

  • Item: G29401

    An Early Cased Luftwaffe Pilot’s Badge Named to Flieger Speck 

  • Item: G29411

    A Gold Grade Luftwaffe Driver’s Proficiency Badge 

Total items found 23

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