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Third Reich Luftwaffe

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  • Item: G22900

    Germany. A Luftwaffe Observer's Badge, Cloth Version  

  • Item: G23789

    Germany. A DLV Stuttgart Mayor's 25th Jubilee Medal, c.1936  

  • Item: G33270

    A Gold Grade Luftwaffe Bomber Squadron Clasp  

  • Item: G22669

    Germany. A Luftwaffe Radio Operator & Air Gunner Badge, Cloth Version  

  • Item: G35522

    Germany. A Case for a Front Flying Clasp for Day Fighters, Bronze Grade  

  • Item: G35501

    Germany. A Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge  

  • Item: G35523

    Germany. A Case for a Front Flying Clasp for Reconnaisance Units, Bronze Grade  

  • Item: G35502

    Germany. A Cased Luftwaffe Combined Pilots/Observer Badge, by F. Linden of Lüdenscheid, c. 1944  

  • Item: G35595

    Germany. A Luftwaffe Pilot’s Badge, by F. W. Assmann & Söhne of Lüdenscheid  

  • Item: G35602

    Germany. An Early Prototype of a Luftwaffe Honour Goblet, c. 1935-1936  

  • Item: G35547

    Germany. A Luftwaffe Honour Goblet to Feldwebel Willi Giesler by Johann Wagner & Sohn, 1942  

Total items found 11

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