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Third Reich Insignia

Total items found 34

  • Item: G17604

    A RAD Sports Shirt Insignia 

  • Item: G17849

    A Marine HJ/DJ Rank Insignia; RZM Tagged 

  • Item: G19422

    A German Gendarmerie NCO's Sleeve Eagle; 1941 Pattern 

  • Item: G19547

    A Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories EM Sleeve Eagle 

  • Item: G20183

    A Scarce & Early Sturmbann Honor Cuff Title "Sturmbann z. b. U. V/ W f" 

  • Item: G19705

    Two German Shoulder Boards 

  • Item: G19707

    An Army General’s Cap Insignia on Tropical Backing 

  • Item: G26592

    A Single Army Forestry Service Official’s Collar Tab 

  • Item: G19678

    A Luftwaffe Forestry Service Breast Eagle; 2nd Pattern  

  • Item: G19516

    A Mint Infantry Flag Bearer Sleeve Insignia  

  • Item: G24930

    A German Security Police (Schuma) Officers Arm Insignia 

  • Item: G29301

    A National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands Black Shirts Sleeve Patch 

  • Item: G29355

    A Matching Set of Luftwaffe Field Division Marksman Rank Collar Tabs 

  • Item: G29370

    A Kriegsmarine NCO’s Breast Eagle 

  • Item: G29417

    A Fine Quality Mint Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Cap Eagle by C. Dinsel 

  • Item: G29418

    A Visor Cap Badge for Electric Streetcar Operators 

  • Item: G29421

    A Kyffhäuser League Visor Cap Insignia 

  • Item: G29525

    A Mint & Unissued Wehrmacht Heer (Army) EM/NCO’s Breast Eagle 

  • Item: G29528

    A Second War German Wehrmacht Panzer EM/NCO’s Breast Eagle 

  • Item: G29564

    A Mint and Unissued Pair of Luftwaffe Hermann Goering Division EM’s Shoulder Boards 

  • Item: G29568

    An Uncut Section of Five Uncut Panzer Overseas Cap Cockades 

  • Item: G29572

    A Mint Pair of of Wehrmacht Artillery Enlisted Man’s Shoulder Boards 

  • Item: G29573

    A Pair of Wehrmacht Panzer Enlisted Man’s Shoulder Boards 

  • Item: G29574

    A Mint Pair of Wehrmacht 44th Artillery Division Enlisted Man’s Shoulder Boards 

  • Item: G29575

    A Mint Pair of Wehrmacht Artillery Unterfeldwebel Rank Shoulder Boards 

  • Item: G29576

    A Pair of Wehrmacht Transport Troop Enlisted Man’s Shoulder Boards 

  • Item: G29577

    A Pair of Wehrmacht Military Police Oberwachtmeister Rank Shoulder Boards 

  • Item: G29578

    A Pair of Wehrmacht Transport Troop Unteroffizier Rank Shoulder Boards 

  • Item: G29594

    A Mint Set of Second War German General’s Collar Tab Templates 

  • Item: G29595

    A Second War German Police Shako Plate 

  • Item: G29596

    A Lot of Originally Packaged RAD (National Labour Service) Insignia Templates 

  • Item: G29600

    A Mint and Unissued BeVo RAD (National Labour Service) Cap Insignia 

  • Item: G29603

    A Mint and Unissued Eastern People’s Police M43 Overseas Cap Insignia 

  • Item: G29614

    A Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Panzer Obergefreiter Sleeve Rank Chevron 

Total items found 34

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