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Army Insignia & Cloth

Total items found 12

  • Item: G18817

     A Panzer Flag Bearer Sleeve Insignia 

  • Item: G22761

    A Tunic Removed Panzer Officer’s Bullion Breast Eagle 

  • Item: G21841

    An NSKK Second Pattern Cap Eagle Insignia 

  • Item: G20796

    An N.S.K.K. Sleeve Rank Chevron; RZM Tagged 

  • Item: G33250

    Two Second War German Shoulder Boards 

  • Item: G33095

    Three Second War German Cloth Insignia 

  • Item: G33067

    A Set of Wehrmacht Medical Oberfeldarzt Shoulder Boards 

  • Item: G33056

    A Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Officer’s Breast Eagle; Uniform Removed 

  • Item: G33094

    Six DAK (German Afrika Korps) Tropical Rank Insignia 

  • Item: G33065

    A Second War German Wehrmacht Heer (Army) EM/NCO’s Breast Eagle 

  • Item: G33108

    A NSKK Sleeve Eagle 

  • Item: G33142

    A Mint and Unissued Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Panzer EM/NCO’s Breast Eagle 

Total items found 12

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