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Army Insignia & Cloth

Total items found 15

  • Item: G37540

    Germany, NSKK. An Unissued National Socialist Motor Corps Sudetenland District Sleeve Insignia  

  • Item: M0251-51

    Germany, Schutzpolizei. A Set of Schutzpolizei (Protection Police) Oberwachtmeister Shoulder Boards, c.1941  

  • Item: M0308-10a

    Germany, SS. An Italian Waffen-SS Foreign Volunteer Service Sleeve Insignia  

  • Item: G41034

    Germany, Heer. A Set of 19th Panzer Division Chemical/Smoke Troops Hauptmann Shoulder Boards  

  • Item: G41006

    Germany, Heer. A Set of Motorcycle Infantry Unteroffizer Shoulder Straps  

  • Item: G41046

    Germany, Heer. A Set of Field Postal Service Leutnant’s Shoulder Boards  

  • Item: G41038

    Germany, Heer. A Set of Gebirgsjäger Leutnant’s Rank Insignia  

  • Item: G41026

    Germany, Heer. A Set of Supplementary Battalion EM/NCO’s Shoulder Straps  

  • Item: G41043

    Germany, Heer. A Set of 28th Jäger Division Oberleutnant’s Shoulder Boards  

  • Item: G41060

    Germany, Heer. A Set of General of the Infantry Shoulder Boards  

  • Item: G41059

    Germany, Heer. A Heer Officer’s Tunic Breast Eagle  

  • Item: G41190

    Germany, Heer. A Set of Heeresverwaltung Officer’s Uniform Rank Insignia  

  • Item: G41189

    Germany, Heer. A Set of Heer Generalleutnant’s Shoulder Boards  

  • Item: G41221

    Germany, Heer. A Wachtbataillon Wien Hauptmann Shoulder Board  

  • Item: G41299

    Germany, Wehrmacht. A Pair of Wehrmacht Cap Eagle Insignia  

Total items found 15

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