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eMedals-Name Only Ground SA Roehm Dagger by Eickhorn

Item: G12681

Name Only Ground SA Roehm Dagger by Eickhorn

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Name Only Ground SA Roehm Dagger by Eickhorn

Name Only Ground SA Roehm Dagger, by Eickhorn (blade marked CARL EICKHORN, SOLINGEN, in double oval TM); nickel-silver hilt fittings exhibit light surface wear, with gray age patina; lower crossguard group marked “Ns” (for Nordsee).  Medium brown wooden grip exhibits moderate surface wear with early quality finish, and there are no cracks or chips. The early silver grip eagleis nicely set-in, and is  problem free, matching  the hilt fittings,  while SA insert is properly inset.  Early high quality  polished blade shows light surface wear/runner marks and no cuts or nicks to cutting edge, with gray shadowing and speckling; with excellent cross-graining; deeply etched SA motto and Roehm inscription retain near 100% of the medium gray background frosting. The name Roehm has been expertly removed with no damage to trade mark.  Steel scabbard shows minor wear retaining approximately 90% of the brown finish to shell. Dent-free, nickel-silver fittings on the shell show light surface wear and gray  age patina, nicely matching the hilt fittings with NO depression to lower ball. This dagger comes with unmarked vertical hanger showing moderate wear and minor color loss to leather but, no cuts or damage.  Attached to hanger is belt attachment, to which is attached, no doubt period, an SA tinnie. Uncleaned, overall in extremely fine condition.
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