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eMedals-A 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger by C. Gustav Spitzer KG, Solingen

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A 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger by C. Gustav Spitzer KG, Solingen

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A 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger by C. Gustav Spitzer KG, Solingen

 A 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger by C. Gustav Spitzer KG, Solingen - Measuring 430 mm, with the scabbard on, this dagger features a 257 mm nickel-plated steel blade, magnetic, with semi-sharp edges, remaining bright and crisp, having a very sharp tip. The blade's ricasso is maker marked C. Gustav Spitzer KG, Solingen with the company's earlier period lion insignia. It retains its crossgraining, in addition to scratches overall, common to extraction and return to the scabbard, natural shine, in extremely fine condition. The brown leather washer at the crossguard junction remains intact. Bright aluminum hilt fittings are nicely detailed, including the embellished pommel, eagle crossguard and quillon surfaces, with light contact. Darker pumpkin-coloured celluloid grip with light contact and without chipping, ten rows of wrap on the grip are free of interruption and in terrific shape. Underside of the crossguard has dabs of glue residue at either end, likely from previous mounting. Hilt is completed by an original silver bullion portepee in the correct tie, exhibiting moderate wear in places, exposing the underlying beige threading. Gilded metal scabbard measures 295 mm, magnetic, traditional pebbled finish, crisp ball finial, the throat retained by two mounted screws. Oak leaf bands with rings, attached dagger hangers with straps in silver bullion, grayish blue and gray embroidered uppers, black corduroy backs, gilded hardware shows well, the bullion and fabrics free of interruptions. Scabbard is free of dents, with overall gilt wear evident exposing the underlying metal base. Near extremely fine. A beautiful specimen by a rare Maker.
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