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Third Reich Civil Medals & Awards

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  • Item: G26531

    A 1874-1934 Hassia Kyffhäuser Cameraradie Badge 

  • Item: G26587

    A 1936 “25-Year Anniversary of the Liberation of the District Saar” Badge 

  • Item: G26584

    A 1938/39 “Day of the Wehrmacht of the Winter Relief for the German People” Event Badge 

  • Item: G24182

    A 1938 Badge for the Inauguration of the Saarpfalz-Saarbrücken District’s Theatre 

  • Item: G24183

    A 1938 Karburg-Land District Day Badge 

  • Item: G24207

    A 1933 Commemorative Badge for the Day of German Soldiers 

  • Item: G24338

    A 1934 NSKK-DDAC Plaque by Rob. Neff, Berlin 

  • Item: G26222

    A 1938 NSDAP Mainz District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G24099

    A Rare Messerschmitt Factory ID Badge  

  • Item: G27286

    A Third Reich Period “People’s Winter Aid” Wehrmacht Mühlhausen Garrison Badge 

  • Item: G27289

    A 1939 Stettin “Day of the Wehrmacht” Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G27791

    A 1933 15th German Gymnastics Festival in Stuttgart Badge 

  • Item: G27786

    A Third Reich Period German Gymnastics and Sportfest Badge 

  • Item: G28291

    A 1937 Wolfenbüttel District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G28313

    A 1935 “The Saar is Free” Badge 

  • Item: G28299

    A 1936 Frankfurt am Main “Day of the Wehrmacht” Badge 

  • Item: G28309

    A Loyalty and Faithfulness to the County of Bavaria Badge for Donations of 50 Reichspfennig or More 

  • Item: G28864

    An Austrian 1938 “One People, One Reich, One Leader” Plebiscite Badge 

  • Item: G29277

    A Second War German Police Long Service Medal for 18 Years of Service in its Case of Issue 

  • Item: G30034

    A 1934 HJ Region 13 Hessen-Nassau Rally Badge 

  • Item: G22506

    A Very Rare Province of Pfalz 25 Year Service in the Economy Badge 

  • Item: G28863

    A 1934 NSLB Frankfurt Reichstagung Badge 

  • Item: G27005

    An Silver Grade Honour Badge of the Reichsnährstand 

  • Item: G33664

    A Third Reich Period Runic Badge 

  • Item: G32642

    A Third Reich Period German RAD Long Service Award with Miniature 

  • Item: G32915

    A Mint German Border Protection (Zollgrenzschutz) Long Service Award in Case 

  • Item: G33382

    Seven Third Reich German Nordic Badges 

  • Item: G33657

    A Third Reich Period German Zeppelin Badge 

  • Item: G33660

    A 1939 Baltic Sea Travel Badge 

  • Item: G33663

    A Third Reich Period German Sword Runic Badge 

  • Item: G33678

    A Bronze Grade DRL Sports Badge with its Matching Stick Pin by Hensler of Pforzheim 

  • Item: G33707

    A RADwJ (National Labour Service Female Youths) Membership Brooch 

  • Item: G33736

    A 1939 Day of the NSBO in Gotha (Gau Thüringen) Badge 

  • Item: G33745

    An RADwJ (National Labor Service of Female Youths) “Arbeitsmaid” Rank Brooch 

  • Item: G33724

    A Third Reich Period KDF Saarpfalz “Come with Us” Recruitment Badge 

  • Item: G33729

    A 1926 German Gymnastics League Vienna Gymnastics Festival Badge 

  • Item: G33734

    A 1938 DAF 650 Year Anniversary of the Battle of Worringen Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G33739

    A Second War Sympathizer's Viking Ship Brooch 

  • Item: G33720

    A Blood and Honour Reichsnährstand Weser-Ems Farmer’s Collective Table Medal 

  • Item: G33727

    A 1940/41 Winter Aid of the German People Donation Badge 

  • Item: G33732

    A 1935 Naval Week of the the People in Kiel Badge 

  • Item: G33737

    A 1934 NSDAP Regional Meeting of Officials in Stuttgart Badge 

  • Item: G33746

    An RAD (National Labour Service) Long Service Award; 3rd Class 

  • Item: G33725

    A 1935 NSDAP Rudolfstadt-Saalfeld District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G33730

    A Third Reich Period National Socialist Women’s League  

  • Item: G33728

    A Third Reich Period NSBO “Day of German Labour” Badge 

  • Item: G33733

    A 1934 “The Saar is German” Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G33738

    A 1938 May-Day (May 1st) Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G33749

    A Large 1936 “Singers Region of Westmark” (Saarbrücken) Medal 

  • Item: G33726

    A 1937 Neuwied District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G33731

    A 1933 NSBO Hessen-Nassau District Meeting Badge 

  • Item: G33719

    A 1934 NSKOV Day of War Veterans and Invalids 

  • Item: G33723

    A 1925-1935 Commemorative 10-Year NSDAP in Gau Essen Badge by Hoffstätter, Bonn 

  • Item: G33735

    A 1936 Regional Hessen-Nassau (Frankfurt on the Main) Council Day Badge by Gustav Fest 

  • Item: G33742

    A Badge of the SA-Meeting Brunswick 1931 

  • Item: G33788

    A 1933 NSDAP Nüremberg National Party Day Badge 

  • Item: G33806

    A First Pattern of DLV (Deutscher Luftsportverband) Membership Badge 

  • Item: G33789

    A 1933 10-Year Anniversary of the HJ in Munich Badge 

  • Item: G33790

    A 1933 10-Year Anniversary of the HJ in Munich Badge 

  • Item: G23598

    An Association of German Small-Caliber Rifle Formations Large Shooting Award; Gold Grade 

Total items found 74

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