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Third Reich Civil Medals & Awards

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  • Item: G17514

    A Rare 1934 Canine Training Award 

  • Item: G26450

    A 1936 Koblenz District Day Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G26508

    A Third Reich Period Abteilungs Sportfest First Place Long Jump Medal 

  • Item: G26507

    A 1936 SA-NSDAP Winter Sports Competition in Oberschreiberhau Prize Medal 

  • Item: G23492

    A DRK Agnes Karll Schwesternverband Brooch; Silver  

  • Item: G17585

    A 1934 Lower Saxony Day, Brunswick Tinnie 

  • Item: G26589

    A National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands District Party Supporter Badge 

  • Item: G25533

    A 1944 Tirol Shooting Competition Marksmanship Award; Bronze Grade 

  • Item: G26045

    A 1942 Wintersporttag Badge 

  • Item: G26046

    A 1933 Erfurt German Labour Front Rally Badge 

  • Item: G26047

    A 1934 NSBO Schwäbische Hall Arbeitsfront Rally Badge 

  • Item: G26048

    A 1933 NSBO “Nobility of Labour” Badge 

  • Item: G26050

    A 1939 NSDAP Wiesbaden District Day Badge by Richard Sieper & Söhne 

  • Item: G26051

    A 1936 Hessen-Nassau District Day Badge by Jörgum & Trefz 

  • Item: G26052

    A 1938 NSDAP Biedenkopf-Dillenburg District Council Day Badge by Richard Sieper & Söhne 

  • Item: G27033

    A 1939 NSDAP Seesen District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G27034

    A 1938 NSDAP Day of German Labour Badge 

  • Item: G27035

    A 1935 NSDAP District Grossgründlach Neunhof District Day Badge 

  • Item: G27032

    A 1939 NSDAP Unterwesterwald District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G27038

    A NSDAP Bonn District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G27040

    A 1934 SA Sturmbann II/29 Sports Championships Badge 

  • Item: G27042

    A 1939 SA-Group Saxony Championships Badge by E.O. Friedrich 

  • Item: G17195

    A 1939 German Figure Skating Championships Award with Case 

  • Item: G26203

    A Mint National Socialist League of the Reich for Physical Exercise Golden Honour Badge in its Original Case of Issue 

  • Item: G29299

    An Alsace Circle of Sacrifice Party “Opferring Elsass” Membership Badge 

  • Item: G29338

    A 1935 NSKOV Front Fighting Soldiers and War Casualties Remembrance Day Badge 

  • Item: G29339

    A 1937 Blood and Soil 2nd Exhibition of Bavarian Hobby Gardens in Fürth Badge by M. Nett 

  • Item: G29341

    A 1934 Gau Münster Regional Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G29342

    A 1935 Reichstreubund Saarbrücken Homecoming Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G29343

    A 1933 German Day of Labour Badge 

  • Item: G29344

    A Scarce 1934 “Dr. Goebbles Speech in the Freiburger Stadion” Badge 

  • Item: G29345

    A Third Reich Period HJ Event Badge 

  • Item: G29364

    A Second War RAD (National Labour Service) Sweetheart Pennant an Arbeitermann 

  • Item: G29389

    A RAD Labour Appreciation Badge 

  • Item: G29390

    A TeNo Membership Badge; Numbered 

  • Item: G29402

    A 1934 Heilbronn Week of Sports Badge 

  • Item: G29403

    A 1939 Hof District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G29404

    A 1939 NSDAP Oberdonau Region Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G29405

    A 1934 7th Women’s District Gymnastics Festival “Healthy Women - Healthy Volk” Badge 

  • Item: G29406

    A 1938 NSDAP Rheingau District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G29407

    A 1934 Werlsee “Pride of the Home” Festival Badge 

  • Item: G29408

    A 1939 NSRL District Cologne Sports and Gymnastics Festival Badge 

  • Item: G29409

    A 1929 3rd Munich Reichs Remembrance Day Badge 

  • Item: G29436

    A ‘Der Stahlhelm German Frontline Fighter Group” Membership Badge 

  • Item: G29439

    A 1935 NSDAP Mainfranken District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G29440

    A 1935 HJ Region 7 (Bremen) Reichs Day of Sport Badge 

  • Item: G29441

    A 1938 “Day of German Arts” Badge by Carl Poellath 

  • Item: G29442

    A 1929 NSDAP Mittelfranken Regional Party Day Badge 

  • Item: G29443

    A 1933 North Sea Bremen Regional Meeting Badge 

  • Item: G29444

    A 1938 HJ Neunkirchen Camping Expedition Badge 

  • Item: G29445

    A 1934 Hannover Summer Solstice Badge 

  • Item: G29446

    A 1933 Wittlich Region District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G29447

    A 1935 NSKOV Kiel Remembrance Day for Front Fighters and War Veterans Badge 

  • Item: G29449

    A 1936 Krefeld-Uerdingen Opening of the Bridge over the Rhein Badge 

  • Item: G29450

    A 1935 2nd Anniversary of the Party’s Seizure of Power Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G29451

    A 1933 NSDAP Section Wildermann Badge by Kerbach & Israel 

  • Item: G29452

    A 1937 “15 Years of NSDAP in Augsburg” Celebration Badge by E. O Friedrich 

  • Item: G29453

    A 1935 Karlsruhe Regional Expedition of Technology Event Badge by B.H Mayer 

  • Item: G29454

    A 1923-1933 Munich HJ “You Were Victorious” Badge by H. Wittmann 

  • Item: G29463

    A Mint Border Protection (Zollgrenzschutz/Customs Protection) Long Service Award; Mounted 

Total items found 135

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