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Third Reich Civil Medals & Awards

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  • Item: G27791

    A 1933 15th German Gymnastics Festival in Stuttgart Badge  

  • Item: G28864

    An Austrian 1938 “One People, One Reich, One Leader” Plebiscite Badge  

  • Item: G33015

    A 1935 Voting Badge  

  • Item: G31683

    A Third Reich Period German Midwife’s Association Membership Badge  

  • Item: G32672

    A 1934 HJ Rally in Oldenburg Badge  

  • Item: G32776

    A 1933 NSDAP Voting Badge  

  • Item: G32847

    A 1934 Ernst Röhm Inspects SA Brigade 77 Event Badge  

  • Item: G32893

    Germany. An Air Raid Defence “Luftschutz” Medal; Second Class Heavy Version  

  • Item: G33031

    Germany. A Silver Medal for Service of Civil Servants of the City of Munich  

  • Item: G33409

    A 1934 Opening of the A.H Bridge in Koblenz Badge  

  • Item: G33437

    Two Silver Third Reich Period Wehrmacht Badges  

  • Item: G34495

    Germany. A 1935 National Convention in Düsseldorf Badge  

  • Item: G34452

    Germany. A Table Medal for Animal Breeding by the Prussian State Mint  

  • Item: G34485

    Germany. A 1938 SA Group Bavarian-Ostmark Sports Championships Badge  

  • Item: G34011

    A First War German “Feld-Ehrenzeichen” Field Honour Badge  

  • Item: G34528

    Germany. A RADwJ (Reich Labour Service of Female Youths) “Arbeitsmaid” Rank Badge  

  • Item: G34526

    Germany. A DAF (German Labour Front) Badge  

  • Item: G34503

    Germany. A 1934 “10 Years of a Liberated Pfalz Region” Badge  

  • Item: G34508

    Germany. Third Reich Period National Socialist People’s Welfare for Mother & Child Badge  

  • Item: G34529

    Germany. A RAD (Reich Labour Service) Cap Badge  

  • Item: G34501

    Germany. A “Give me Four Years’ Time” A.H. Campaign Promise Badge  

  • Item: G34506

    Germany. A 1937 House of German Art Badge  

  • Item: G34504

    Germany. A Third Reich Period KDF (Strength Through Joy) Harvest Celebration BadgeG  

  • Item: G34523

    Germany. A Bronze Grade DRL Sports Badge by Wernstein, Jena  

  • Item: G34502

    Germany. A 1937 KDF (Strength Through Joy) Trip to the Radio Broadcasting Exhibition Badge  

  • Item: G34507

    Germany. A Third Reich Period Hunting and Sports Shooting Donation Badge  

  • Item: G34505

    Germany. A 1932 SA Rally in Bremen Badge  

  • Item: G34527

    Germany. An RAD (National Labour Service) Cap Badge by F. W. Müller  

  • Item: G34549

    Germany. A Lot of Four Celebration Badges  

  • Item: EG752b

    Germany. Six German, Austrian, and Croatian Patriotic Badges  

  • Item: G34684

    Germany. A Rare Commemorative Mine Rescue Medal in its Presentation Box of Issue  

  • Item: G34692

    Germany. A National Socialist Women’s League Membership Badge; Small Version  

  • Item: G34688

    Germany. A Volks-Comrade Union Westmark (Lothr) Membership Badge by W. Redo  

  • Item: G34685

    Germany. A National Socialist Women’s League Membership Badge; Large Version  

  • Item: G34681

    Germany. A 50-Year Civil Faithful Service Cross by Deschler & Sohn  

  • Item: G34691

    Germany. A NS-HAGO “Deine Hand dem Handwerk” Badge; Maker Marked  

  • Item: G34686

    Germany. A Landesbauernschaft Wartime Harvest Badge to Female Farmers  

  • Item: G34711

    Germany. A Cased 40-Year Civil Faithful Service Cross by Deschler & Sohn  

  • Item: G34708

    Germany. A Mint Third Reich Period Police 25-Year Long Service Cross in its Presentation Case  

  • Item: G34699

    Germany. A 1932 NSDAP Parliametry Elections “Capitulation - Never!” Donation Medal  

  • Item: G34716

    Germany. A Mint 1933 NS-Day of Flight in Saxony Plaque in its Case by Karl Wurster  

  • Item: G34710

    Germany. A BDM Leader Badge by Ferdinand Hoffstätter  

  • Item: G34701

    Germany. A 1935 “The Saar is German Forever” Vote Medal in its Presentation Box  

Total items found 43

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