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Third Reich Civil Medals & Awards

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  • Item: G22526

    Germany. A Lot of Fifteen Shooting Award Pins & Badges  

  • Item: G23014

    Germany. A Japanese-German Cultural Institute Tenth Anniversary Table Medal 1927-1937  

  • Item: G29860

    Germany. A 1938 Westwall Construction Participation Medal  

  • Item: G29859

    Germany. A 1938 Westwall Construction Participation Medal  

  • Item: G24911

    Germany. An Honor Badge of the Reichsnährstand, Silver Grade  

  • Item: G32765

    Germany, NSDAP. A Silver Medal for Long and Faithful Service to the City of Munich  

  • Item: G32763

    Germany, NSDAP. A Nuremberg Party Day Plaque  

  • Item: G32764

    Germany. A Mint Defense Economy Leader Badge  

  • Item: G36393

    Austria, Tirol. A Small Caliber Marksmanship Competition Award  

  • Item: G36372

    Germany, NSFK. A 1938 National Socialist Flyers Corps Kassel Championships Plaque  

  • Item: G36386

    Austria, Tyrol.A Pistol Marskamship Competition Award, c. 1942  

  • Item: G36370

    Germany, NSFK. A 1939 National Socialist Flyers Corps Rhön Gliding Championships Plaque  

  • Item: G36495

    Germany. A Widow’s Honour Cross in its Original Presentation Case  

  • Item: G36500

    Germany. A 1940 4th International Winter Sports Ice Hockey Tournament 3rd Prize Medal  

  • Item: G36337

    Germany. An Equestrian Badge and Stick Pin, in Silver, by Christian Lauer  

  • Item: G36327

    Germany. A National Socialist Women’s League Membership. A Large Membership Badge, by Alfred Stubbe  

  • Item: G36334

    Germany. A DRA Bronze Grade Sports Badge by Wernstein of Jena  

Total items found 17

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