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Third Reich Civil Medals & Awards

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  • Item: G22441

    Germany. An Association of Pension Insurance Carriers (VDR) German School Festival Badge  

  • Item: G22717

    Germany. A 1926-1936 Reichsparteitag Thüringen Day Badge  

  • Item: G23835

    Germany. An HJ Reichssport Competition Badge, c.1939  

  • Item: G24250

    Germany. An NSDAP District Meeting Day Badge by Richard Sieper & Söhne, c.1939  

  • Item: G22184

    Germany. A 1938 Magdeburg-Anhalt District Day Gathering at Dessau Badge  

  • Item: G24280

    Germany. A Bückeberg District Diet Badge, c.1937  

  • Item: G22610

    Germany. A Vacation Trips to the North Sea Badge, c.1934  

  • Item: G22612

    Germany. A Gau Appell Gathering, Halle-Merseburg Tinnie, c.1933  

  • Item: G23722

    Germany. A 1938 April Election NSDAP Propagation Medal with Case  

  • Item: G27176

    Germany. A NSDAP Westfalia-South District Day Badge, 1935  

  • Item: G27213

    Germany. A Leipzig “Day of German Justice” Badge by Richard Sieper & Söhne  

  • Item: G27221

    Germany. A Large Medal for the SA Standarte 100 Sportfest in Dresden, c.1934  

  • Item: G27224

    Germany. A Civilian Pilot's Badge, by C.E. Juncker Berlin, Privately Engraved  

  • Item: G27226

    Germany. A Shooting Association Badge with Stickpin  

  • Item: G27229

    Germany. A 1938 Victors Badge in the National Trade Competition, by G.Brehmer  

  • Item: G18601

    Germany. An Infantry Regiment War Sport Festival, 1st Place Medal, c.1940  

  • Item: G22865

    Germany. A DRL Befreiungs Gaufest Gaarbrücken Tinnie, c.1935  

  • Item: G22771

    Germany. A Frankfurt Gautag Tinnie, c.1936  

  • Item: G35514

    Germany. A Cased DRL Italy-Germany Gymnastics Competition Participation Table Medal  

  • Item: G35507

    Germany. A Cased R.D.KL (National Association of Small Animal Breeder) Merit Medal  

  • Item: G35519

    Germany. Two Civil Faithful Service Crosses  

  • Item: G35511

    Germany. A Court Mounted Customs Protection Long Service Award  

  • Item: G35535

    Germany. A Patriotic Farmer’s “Sword and Plow” Ideology Plaque, c. 1936  

  • Item: G35469

    Germany. A 1936 Winter Aid of the German People Donation Badge  

  • Item: G35471

    Germany. A Region Cologne-Aachen KDF (Kraft Durch Freude) Badge  

  • Item: G35472

    Germany. A 1934 Westfalen-South Promise of Loyalty Medal  

Total items found 26

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