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Event & Day Badges

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  • Item: G30778

    A 1935 District Langenzenn Gymnastics Festival Badge 

  • Item: G30779

    A 1939 Hesselberg “Day of the Franks” Badge 

  • Item: G30780

    A 1934 Giebelstadt Theatre Festival Badge 

  • Item: G30781

    A 1933 HJ Meeting in Wittlich Badge 

  • Item: G30782

    A 1933 Nürnberg Unveiling of the Horst Wessel Memorial Badge by Karl Wurster 

  • Item: G30783

    A 1934 Rostock Regional Meeting Badge 

  • Item: G30784

    A 1934 NSKOV (National Socialist War Victim’s Care) Düsseldorf Meeting Badge 

  • Item: G30785

    A 1934 18th Bavarian - Nürnberg Gymnastics Festival Badge by Christian Lauer 

  • Item: G30808

    A Third Reich Period “Fit for Military Service” Badge 

  • Item: G30809

    A 1935 Regional Meeting of Halle-Merseburg Badge 

  • Item: G30810

    A Third Reich Period KDF (Strength Through Joy) Saar Pfalz Badge 

  • Item: G30811

    A 1937 Karlsruhe Regional Meeting Badge 

  • Item: G30812

    A 1934 100-Year Anniversary of the Oberrealschule Offenbach am Main 

  • Item: G30813

    A 1937 Hanau Unification Badge for the Reserve Infantry Regiment 88 by Heinrich Muth 

  • Item: G30814

    A 1939/40 Munich WHW (Winter Relief of the German People) Donation Badge 

  • Item: G30815

    A 1934 Ansbach SA Standarte 19 Rally Badge 

  • Item: G30819

    Two Miniature Black Grade Wound Badges 

  • Item: G30821

    A 1934 German Festival of Singers of the National Butcher’s Association Badge 

  • Item: G30824

    A 1935 3rd Swabian Front Fighter's Remembrance Day Badge 

  • Item: G30825

    A 1930 Obernheim District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G30826

    A Third Reich Period German Celle Fireman’s School Badge 

  • Item: G30828

    A 1938 Neustadt “Remembrance Day of the First German Day” Badge 

  • Item: G30829

    A 1934 Wismar SA Standarte 14 Pentecost Rally Badge 

  • Item: G30830

    A 1933 NSBO Naila District Day of Labour Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G30831

    A 1937 Schorndorf Gautagung Badge 

  • Item: G30832

    A 1933 Karlsruhe National Socialist Borderlands Meeting Badge by K. Schenkel 

  • Item: G30833

    A 1938/39 Westwall Construction Participation Badge 

  • Item: G30834

    A 1938 Essen Regional Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G30835

    A Fine Quality 1934 Gau Mainfranken “Oath of Allegiance Ceremony” Badge by Wächtler & Lange 

  • Item: G30836

    A 1934 Hannover NSDAP District Party Day Badge 

  • Item: G30837

    A 1933 50-Year Anniversary Niederwald Memorial Badge 

  • Item: G30838

    A 1937 Breslau 12th Sängerbund Festival and Celebration of its 75 Anniversary Badge 

  • Item: G30839

    A 1934/35 Merseburg Region WHW (Winter Relief of the German People) Donation Badge 

  • Item: G30840

    A 1940/41 WHW “Glow and Shine, Golden Sun, Over this Free Land” Badge 

  • Item: G30847

    A 1935 Merseburg Regional Meeting Badge 

  • Item: G30848

    A 1936 Schlageter Tag Badge 

  • Item: G30849

    A 1936 Platz-Landau region meeting of War Comrades Badge 

  • Item: G30850

    A 1935 Day of German Seatravel Badge 

  • Item: G30851

    A 1933 10-Year Anniversary of NDAP in Werdau Badge 

  • Item: G30852

    A 1935 District Heiligenbeil District Day Badge 

  • Item: G30853

    A Third Reich Period KDF (Strength Through Joy) Region Hessen-Nassau Event Badge 

  • Item: G30854

    A 1933 Hildesheim SA Standarte 79 Regional Meeting Badge 

  • Item: G30827

    A 1939 Znaim NDAP District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G30842

    A 1939 American Kyffhäuser League “Day of German Soldiers” Commemorative Medal 

  • Item: G30908

    An Infantry Assault Badge in Silver to Medical Sergeant of Infantry Regiment 168 

  • Item: G30940

    A Third Reich Period Saar WHW (Winter Aid of the German People) Donation Badge 

  • Item: G30941

    A 1936 “Freedom and Bread” Election Badge 

  • Item: G30942

    A 1939 NSDAP Monschau District Council Day Badge by Ferdinand Hoffstätter  

  • Item: G30943

    A Third Reich Period WHW “We are fighting against hunger and the cold” Donation Badge 

  • Item: G30944

    A Third Reich Period “We donate for daily bread” Donation Badge 

  • Item: G30945

    A 1939 NSDAP Mecklenburg Gautag Badge by Assmann & Söhne 

  • Item: G30946

    A 1934 9-Year Anniversary of NSDAP in Ost Hannover Badge 

  • Item: G30947

    A Third Reich Period “Secure the path over hunger and the cold” Donation Badge 

  • Item: G30948

    A 1934 RAD (National Labour Service) Marching Badge 

  • Item: G30949

    A 1935 Day of the NSDAP in District Greater Frankfurt Badge 

  • Item: G30951

    A Third Reich Period “In Remembrance of the Construction of the Westwall” Badge 

  • Item: G30952

    A 1935 Gau Thing Koblenz-Trier Badge by R. Kaster 

  • Item: G30954

    A Third Reich Period “Youth Hostel in Marienburg” Badge 

  • Item: G30955

    A Third Reich Period “NSDAP Harvesting Service” Badge 

  • Item: G30956

    A 1937 DJ/HJ German Youth Hostel Association Badge 

Total items found 150

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