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Event & Day Badges

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  • Item: G26909

    A Bronze Grade Tank Badge by Gustav Brehmer; Special Grade 25  

  • Item: G30514

    A 1938 Sudeten-German Party Supporters Badge 

  • Item: G30573

    A Second War Silver Grade Infantry Assault Badge 

  • Item: G32427

    A 1938 Weißenfels Town Festival Badge 

  • Item: G32432

    A Saar Region Westmark Trutzbund “Return to the Reich” Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G32420

    A Third Reich period Baldur von Schirach “Youth Hostel” Badge 

  • Item: G32430

    A 1939 Ochsenfurt District Council Day Badge by Foerster & Barth 

  • Item: G32418

    A 1935 South Hannover-Braunschweig Regional Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G32428

    A 1937 Westfalia-North Regional Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G32411

    A Third Reich Period RLB Luftschutz Emergency Badge 

  • Item: G32421

    A 1933 BDM Cologne “Day of German Girls” Badge by Paulmann & Crone 

  • Item: G32426

    A 1938/39 WHW Region Tirol/Vorarlberg Donation Badge 

  • Item: G32431

    A 1934 “Loyalty to the Führer” Badge 

  • Item: G32419

    A 1935 “Nordmark Forwards” Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G32424

    A 1938 Region Pommern-Stettin Regional Council Day Meeting Badge by Paulmann & Crone 

  • Item: G32429

    A 1934 1st Anniversary of the National Enlightenment Badge  

  • Item: G32412

    A 1937 NSDAP 700-Year Anniversary of the Hansenstadt-Elbing Commemorative Medallion  

  • Item: G32422

    A NSDAP “Raise the Flag!” Augsburg Region Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G32423

    A 1934 “Day of Labour” Badge 

  • Item: G32425

    A 1932 Kyffhäuser League 4th National Day of Veterans Badge 

  • Item: G32433

    A 1935 Limburg Meeting of Ethnic Germans Badge 

  • Item: C4696

    A First War 117th Infantry Battalion "Eastern Township Battalion" Cap Badge 

  • Item: G32435

    A Third Reich Period NSV “For Mother and Child” Donation Pin 

  • Item: G32436

    A Third Reich Period German North Silesian Day of Flight Badge 

  • Item: G32444

    A 1936 District Heilbronn Music Festival Badge 

  • Item: G32465

    A Fine Quality 1936 “Day of the SA - Group North Sea in Bremen” Badge by Mulde of Bremen 

  • Item: G32503

    A Third Reich Period Odal Rune Badge 

  • Item: G32508

    A Third Reich Period HJ Youth Hostel Ship Hein Godenwind Badge 

  • Item: G32514

    A 1937/38 WHW Düsseldorf Region Donation Badge 

  • Item: G32506

    A 1933/34 WHW “Fight Against Hunger and the Cold” Donation Badge 

  • Item: G32511

    A 1925 Reunion Celebration of the Edelweiss Korps Schäding Badge 

  • Item: G32504

    A 1932 National Socialist Day of Flight in Bremen Badge 

  • Item: G32509

    A Third Reich Period DAF (German Labour Front) Hannover Event Badge 

  • Item: G32515

    A 1936 “Day of Labour” Badge by Fr. Neuner 

  • Item: G32507

    A Third Reich Period HJ Youth Hostel Ship Hein Godenwind Badge 

  • Item: G32512

    A 1935 NSDAP Cologne District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G32505

    A DJ/HJ Youth Exhibition Badge 

  • Item: G32510

    A 1921 1st Ostmark (Kronenburg) District Gymnastics Festival Badge by Reinemer & Spiegel  

  • Item: G32540

    A NSKK (National Socialist Motor Corps) Membership Badge 

  • Item: G32562

    A Third Reich Period German Pfalz Region Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G32567

    A 1935 NSDAP Day of the Franks in Kesselberg Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G32529

    A 1934 1st District Ludwigsburg Gymnastics Festival Badge  

  • Item: G32560

    A 1934 Regional Party Day in Stuttgart Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G32565

    A 1939 School Assembly Badge 

  • Item: G32546

    An Early Third Reich German RLB (Air Raid Protection League) Awareness Badge 

  • Item: G32563

    A 1936 KDF Oktoberfest in Munich Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G32568

    A 1937 Kyffhäuser League 100-Years of Soldier Comradery in Nördlingen Badge 

  • Item: G32530

    A 1932 East-Prussia “Week of the Führer” Badge 

  • Item: G32561

    An Unknown Third Reich Period Germanic Runic Badge 

  • Item: G32566

    A 1937 Aachen Pilgrimage Badge 

  • Item: G32559

    A NSKOV National Hiring Convention in Northeim Badge by Deschler & Sohn 

  • Item: G32564

    A 1935 Dutch NSB Regional Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G32569

    A 1935 Day of Labour (May 1st) Badge 

  • Item: G32521

    A Third Reich Period Regional Rally Mecklenburg-Lübeck Badge 

  • Item: G32579

    A 1934 Reichsnährstand Weissenburg Meeting of the Farmers Badge  

  • Item: G32628

    A 1933 Baden Day of Youths Badge 

  • Item: G32633

    A 1938 NSDAP Westfalen-North Region Meeting Badge 

  • Item: G32643

    A 1936 SA Marine Saxony Membership Badge 

  • Item: G32616

    A 1934 SA Standarte 131 Rally in Plettenberg Badge 

  • Item: G32626

    A 1933 Braunschweig Day of German Trades Badge 

Total items found 111

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