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Event & Day Badges

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  • Item: G23904

    A 180 Stahlhelm Badge by Mayer & Wilhelm 

  • Item: G29995

    A Grouping of Four Third Reich Period Badges 

  • Item: G30034

    A 1934 HJ Region 13 Hessen-Nassau Rally Badge 

  • Item: G30053

    A 1933 North-West German Hannover Meeting of Craftsmen and Tradesmen 

  • Item: G30103

    A Third Reich Period Youth Horse Rider’s Badge by Steinhauer & Lück 

  • Item: G30105

    A 1934 Breslau District Party Day Badge 

  • Item: G30107

    A 1934 HJ “Blood and Honour” Bann 289 Rally Badge 

  • Item: G30108

    A A 1934 HJ “Blood and Honour” Bann 289 Rally Badge 

  • Item: G30109

    A 1934 Meiningen “Day of the HJ” Badge 

  • Item: G30110

    A 1934 HJ Bann 122 Meeting in Künzelsau Badge 

  • Item: G30111

    A Third Reich Period HJ Saxony-Widokind Event Badge 

  • Item: G30112

    A 1933 SA Gruppe Nordmark Rally in Kiel Badge 

  • Item: G30113

    A 1934 HJ Bann 213 Pentecost Tent Camp Exhibition Badge 

  • Item: G30101

    A 1929 Volunteer Red Cross Medical Corps of Dachau Badge 

  • Item: G30106

    A Third Reich Period SA Eagle Badge 

  • Item: G30137

    A 1935 Reichsnährstand Day of Agriculture in Großhabersdorf Badge 

  • Item: G30138

    A 1933 Remembrance Badge of the Inauguration of the Motor SA in Trier Badge 

  • Item: G30139

    A 1934 1st Bavarian Day of National Socialist Doctors in Munich Badge 

  • Item: G30141

    A 1937 “The Great Volks Exhibition in Düsseldorf” Event Badge 

  • Item: G30142

    A 1933 German “Day of the Volk and Homeland” in Kassel Badge 

  • Item: G30143

    A 1934 District Ludwigsburg-Mürr 1st Gymnastics Festival Badge 

  • Item: G30144

    A 1934 KDF Munich Summer Solstice Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G30145

    A 1938 SA Group Hochland Championships Badge by Christian Lauer 

  • Item: G30146

    A 1936 SA Group Lower Saxony Championship Badge 

  • Item: G30147

    A 1939 SA/HJ Aflenz Winter Championships Badge by Ulbricht of Vienna 

  • Item: G30148

    A HJ 1933 HJ Düsseldorf Region Day of Youths Badge 

  • Item: G30149

    A 1933 HJ Thüringen Rudolstadt Badge 

  • Item: G30150

    A 1934 HJ Westmark-Saar-Koblenz Rally Badge 

  • Item: G30151

    A 1933 HJ 1st Franken-Ostmark Meeting Badge 

  • Item: G30152

    A 1932 SA Sturm Westerstede Blessing of the Flag Badge 

  • Item: G30154

    A Second War German Silver Grade Wound Badge by Carl Wild 

  • Item: G30136

    A 1937 Kriegsmarine Mürwik Sailing Championships 1st Prize Plaque  

  • Item: G30140

    A 1934 HJ/WHW (Winter Relief of the German People) Donation Badge 

  • Item: G30171

    A 1936 HJ Bann 95 Rally in Gotha Badge 

  • Item: G30173

    A 1938 Exhibition of the Occupational School and it’s 4-Year Plan Badge by Wurster 

  • Item: G30174

    A 1934 Regional Festival of the National Socialist League of German Jurists Badge 

  • Item: G30175

    A 1933 SA Standarte 79 Hildesheim Appell Badge 

  • Item: G30176

    A Third Reich Period HJ Bann 80 Recruitment Week in Wiesbaden Badge 

  • Item: G30177

    A 1936 NSDAP National Party Day Badge by B.H. Mayer 

  • Item: G30178

    A 1921 1st 73rd Regiment Meeting in Hanover Badge 

  • Item: G30183

    A 1935 NSDAP Regional Party Day of Westfalen South Badge 

  • Item: G30195

    A 1938 “15 Years of NSDAP in the Schliersee Region” Badge 

  • Item: G30196

    A 1937 NSDAP Regional Meeting of Rheingau Badge 

  • Item: G30197

    A Third Reich Period “Donation to the Colonial Veterans” Badge 

  • Item: G30198

    A 1934 “Der Stahlhelm” Hamburg Day of the Front-Fighter Veterans Badge 

  • Item: G30199

    A 1934 “Blessing of the Horst-Wessel Memorial in Elgersburg Badge 

  • Item: G30172

    A 1937 District Council Day Wesen-Emsing Oldenburg Badge 

  • Item: G30200

    A 1933 District Fürth 1st National Socialist Harvest Festival Badge 

  • Item: G30201

    A 1933 German Day of the NSDAP in Hildesheim” Festival Badge 

  • Item: G30202

    A 1933 Regional Council Day of the Bavarian Ostmark Badge 

  • Item: G30252

    A 1935 NSDAP Silesia District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G30256

    A 1936 NSKOV Front Fighter's Remembrance Day Badge 

  • Item: G30257

    A Third Reich Period Festival of German Schools Badge 

  • Item: G30259

    A 1934/35 WHW (Winter Aid of the German People) Magdeburg Donation Badge 

  • Item: G30260

    A 1939 4th Gautag of Vienna (Austria) Badge 

  • Item: G30261

    A Third Reich Period Oberursel Taunus Marksmanship Competition Badge 

  • Item: G30262

    A 1934 Pfalz-Landau Regional District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G30263

    A 1934 NSBO, N.S-Hago, and DAF Meeting in Erfurt Badge 

  • Item: G30264

    An Early War Quality Blockade Runner Badge 

  • Item: G30284

    A Veteran’s Organization NSKOV Cap Badge 

Total items found 122

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