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Event & Day Badges

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  • Item: G27796

    Germany. A Mint War Merit Cross 1st Class with Swords by Deschler & Sohn  

  • Item: G27835

    Germany. A 1936 HJ Area 15 Camping Event Badge by E. F. Wiedmann  

  • Item: G27856

    Germany. A 1939 SA/HJ Aflenz Winter Sports Competition Badge  

  • Item: G27960

    Germany. A 1933 HJ Mountain Hometown Competition Badge  

  • Item: G27795

    Germany. A 1940 RKB Reich Colonial League Conference in Krems Badge  

  • Item: G27789

    Germany. A 1934 District Party Day in Land Hadeln Badge by C. Poellath  

  • Item: G27802

    Germany A 1936 RDB Federation of German Civil Servants Rally in Kassel-Kurhessen Badge  

  • Item: G27862

    Germany. A 1937 Winter Relief of the German People “We Belong Together; Then we are One” Badge  

  • Item: G27855

    Germany. A 1937 SA Sports Championship Days in Franken Badge  

  • Item: G28117

    Germany. A 1937 DRL Brandenburg Gymnastics and Sport Festival Badge  

  • Item: G28115

    Germany. A Osnabrücker Marksmanship and Volksfest Badge  

  • Item: G30053

    A 1933 North-West German Hannover Meeting of Craftsmen and Tradesmen  

  • Item: G30056

    A Third Reich Period RLB “Air Raid Protection is Self Protection” Badge by Karl Wurster  

  • Item: G30058

    A 1935 German Day of Labour (May 1st) Badge by G. Danner of Mühlhausen  

  • Item: G30059

    A 1934 Saarbrücken Pentecost Conference of the Rhein and Mosel Badge  

  • Item: G30061

    A RAD (National Labour Service) Membership Badge for Female Members by ANG  

  • Item: G31303

    A Grouping of Two HJ Badges  

  • Item: G31696

    A 1925-1935 10-Year NSDAP in Gau Essen Badge by Hoffstätter of Bonn  

  • Item: G31338

    A Third Reich Period “Peace Among the Peoples or Jewish Dictatorship” Badge  

  • Item: G31424

    An Early Type German Condor Legion Black Grade Wound Badge  

  • Item: G28099

    Germany. A 938 SA Group Lower Saxony Championships in Duisburg Badge  

  • Item: G33654

    A 1935 NSDAP National Party Day Badge  

  • Item: G31624

    A DLV (German Air Sports Association) Cap Badge  

  • Item: G33936

    A National Socialist Women’s League Membership Badge by Schmidäussler  

  • Item: G34218

    Germany. A 5-Year Anniversary of the Troisdorf Group Badge  

  • Item: G34143

    Germany. A Third Reich Period DAF (German Labour Front) Cap Badge  

  • Item: G35951

    Germany. A 1944 Tiroler Marksmanship Association Membership Badge  

  • Item: G35974

    Germany. A 1934 “The Saar is German” Celebration badge  

  • Item: G35253

    Germany. Two Youth Badges and Pins  

  • Item: G35922

    Germany. A “Certificate A - Class C” Gliding Proficiency Award Buttonhole Badge  

  • Item: G35948

    Germany. A Early Silver Grade Tank Badge by BH Mayer  

  • Item: G35950

    Germany. A 1944 Meran First District Marksmanship Festival Badge  

  • Item: G35970

    Germany. A DJ (German Youths) Badge  

  • Item: G35975

    Germany. A 1935 “Day of Labour” Badge by Josef Pauser  

  • Item: G35973

    Germany. A 1937 “The Great National Exhibition in Düsseldorf” Badge  

  • Item: G35971

    Germany. A 1937 Bavarian-Ostmark Regional Council Day Badge by F. Thomas  

  • Item: G35976

    Germany. A 1937 NSDAP National Party Day Badge by Foerster & Barth  

  • Item: G35969

    Germany. Three Post War Veteran’s Organization Badges  

  • Item: G35972

    Germany. A 1935 115th Kyffhäuser National Day of Veteran’s Celebration Badge  

  • Item: G35977

    Germany. A Deutscher Luftsportverband Supporter’s Badge  

Total items found 40

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