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Event & Day Badges

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  • Item: G28636

    A 1936 Pommern Day of Technology Badge 

  • Item: G28646

    A Fine Quality 1939 Kampfspiele Badge 

  • Item: G28630

    A 1934 NSKOV Lübeck National Socialist War Veteran’s Care Badge 

  • Item: G28621

    A 1933 Münster “Homeland and Reich” Badge 

  • Item: G29340

    A 1934 NS-Hago “The deed of the community aids the reconstruction” Badge 

  • Item: G27861

    A 1932 SA Martyr Bruno Schramm Remembrance Badge 

  • Item: G27784

    A 1938 Bremen Reichs-Kolonialtagung Badge by L. Christian Lauer 

  • Item: G24848

    A 1939 Dutch NSB Hagespraak Meeting Badge 

  • Item: G28494

    A 1933 HJ 1st Oberbann Bielefeld Rally Badge 

  • Item: G28476

    A Second War German Black Grade Wound Badge 

  • Item: G29589

    A Saar Neunkirchen Winter relief of the German People Donation Badge 

  • Item: EU13047

    A First War Austro-Hungarian Krakow Fortress Cap Badge 

  • Item: G29587

    A 1939 NSDAP Kölleda Eckartsberga Kreisappell Badge 

  • Item: G29586

    A 1933 Eisfeld Regional Congress Day Badge 

  • Item: G29585

    A 1931 A. H. in Hessen for the District Elections Badge 

  • Item: G29584

    A 1933 Resurrection of the Usingen Region Badge 

  • Item: G29583

    A 1933 Ship Baptism Event Badge 

  • Item: G29582

    A 1937 Flak Division Duisburg Badge 

  • Item: G29581

    A 1934 Leipzig Gymnastics and Sports Week Badge 

  • Item: G29580

    A Third Reich Period KDF Saarpfalz Event Badge 

  • Item: G29554

    A 1933 NSDAP 2nd Saarburg Region Party Day Badge 

  • Item: G29560

    A 1934 NSLB Thüringen Regional Meeting Badge 

  • Item: G29559

    A 1936 Dortmund Gautag Westfalen Badge by Richard Sieper & Söhne 

  • Item: G29558

    A 1936 NSDMB (National Socialist German Navy League) Gautag Niedersachsen Badge by Hartmann 

  • Item: G29557

    A 1934 Aachen Regional Gymnastics Festival Badge 

  • Item: G29556

    A 1933 Hamburg Regional Ethnic German Victims Week 

  • Item: G29555

    A 1932 NSDAP Saar Region 1st Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G29553

    A 1939 HJ Regional Meeting in Franken Badge by Richard Sieper & Söhne 

  • Item: G29550

    A 1933 Dietrich Eckart “Germany Awake” Martyrdom Badge by Deschler & Sohn 

  • Item: G29549

    A 1933/34 Kurhessen Region WHW (Winter Relief of the German People) Donation Badge 

  • Item: G29548

    A 1935 NSDAP Saarlouis “Graf Werder” Warrior Day Celebration Badge 

  • Item: G29547

    A 1934 NSDAP Hildesheim Kreistagung Badge 

  • Item: G29546

    A 1934 Goebbles Speech in Gleiwitz Badge 

  • Item: G29545

    A 1939 SA-Group Niederrhein Sports Competition Badge by Richard Sieper & Söhne 

  • Item: G29544

    A 1938 NSDAP Kitzingen on the Main District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G29543

    A 1937 NSRL Hindenburg Festival of Gymnastics Badge 

  • Item: G29537

    A 1938 Pommern-Stettin Meeting Badge 

  • Item: G29536

    A 1934 Annsach HJ Rally Badge 

  • Item: G29535

    A KDF Region Würtemberg National Socialist Community Badge by Mayer & Wilhelm 

  • Item: G29534

    A Fine Quality DJ (German Hunting Association) Membership Badge 

  • Item: G29533

    A 1935 Kemnath “On the Alps” Regional Meeting Badge 

  • Item: G29532

    A 1939 Stuttgart DSB (German Association of Dislocated Homeowners) Badge 

  • Item: G29531

    A 1937 NSDAP Kleve District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G29530

    A Fine Quality 1935 Swabian SA Brigade 86 Rally Badge by Carl Poellath 

  • Item: G29524

    A Regensburg District Council Day Badge by C. Balmberger 

  • Item: G29523

    A 1935 “The Saar is and Shall Remain German” Badge 

  • Item: G29522

    A 1938 “Day of the Franken” in Hesselberg Badge by C. Salmberger 

  • Item: G29521

    A 1934 SA Brigade Rally in Iserlohn Badge 

  • Item: G29520

    A 1939 Kreisappell Delitzsch Badge 

  • Item: G29519

    A 1939 Region Saarpfalz “Great Leader Camp” Badge 

  • Item: G29518

    A Third Reich Period Motor Vehicle Division 9 Badge 

  • Item: G29517

    A 1934 HJ “Blood and Honour” 1st Oberbann Rally in Hagen Badge 

  • Item: G29144

    A 1937 Region Saar-Pfalz “Day of the Farmers” Badge 

  • Item: G29148

    A 1933 Schleswig-Holstein “Day of the Marine” Badge 

  • Item: G29145

    A 1935 Gelden 50th Anniversary “Day of the Volunteer Firefighters” Badge 

  • Item: G29146

    A 1936 SA 2nd Nordmark Rally Badge 

  • Item: G29115

    A 1937 NSDAP Kleve District Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G29114

    A Sudetenland Party “For Labour, Justice, and Bread” Badge 

  • Item: G29448

    A Unique 1935 SA Standort Wiesbaden “For those Comrades in Need of a Rest” Badge 

  • Item: G29465

    A DJV (German Youngsters) Membership Badge 

Total items found 2341

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