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Other Civil Awards

Total items found 11

  • Item: G25651

    A RDK State Federation of Families Badge 

  • Item: G25718

    A Elberberg in the Municipality of Buttlar 400th Anniversary Medal 1535-1935 

  • Item: G25690

    A Reichs Association for Canine Care Plaque for Outstanding Achievement in Case of Issue 

  • Item: G28524

    A Mint Cased Bronze Grade German Equestrian Badge and Stick Stick Pin by L. Chr. Lauer 

  • Item: G28670

    A Scarce American Kyffhäuser League “ Day of German Soldiers” Commemorative Medal 

  • Item: G28678

    A NSB National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands “Sacred Heart of Fire” Badge 

  • Item: G28765

    A Civil Pilot's Cap Badge 

  • Item: G28794

    A Rare 1939 Return of the Port of Memel Commemorative Medal  

  • Item: G25166

    An Austrian Volunteer Labour Force Honor Badge by E. Seegebrecht 

  • Item: G28527

    A BDM Membership Badge 

  • Item: G25347

    A 1938 Eger ZPB Exhibition Participation Badge in Original Case of Issue 

Total items found 11

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