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Other Civil Awards

Total items found 9

  • Item: G17879

    A German Midwives Organization Silver Merit Badge 

  • Item: G27005

    An Silver Grade Honour Badge of the Reichsnährstand 

  • Item: G28524

    A Mint Cased Bronze Grade German Equestrian Badge and Stick Stick Pin by L. Chr. Lauer 

  • Item: G28527

    A BDM Membership Badge 

  • Item: G30163

    A Second War DSB “German League of Homeowners” Membership Badge by Hermann Aurich 

  • Item: G30254

    A Cased and Named 1941 NSFK 3rd Prize Plaque for the Reichs Airplane Competition 

  • Item: G29992

    An Association for the German Kennels Table Medal for Outstanding Performance 

  • Item: G30022

    A Second War German Equestrian/Horseman’s Badge by Christian Lauer 

  • Item: G30060

    A Third Reich Era “Luftsport Helps Germany” Donation Badge 

Total items found 9

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