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Other Civil Awards

Total items found 15

  • Item: G17514

    A Rare 1934 Canine Training Award 

  • Item: G29196

    A RLB (National Air Raid Protection League) Membership Badge; Type II 

  • Item: G29283

    A DVG (German Volks-Comrade Union) Westmark-Lothr Membership Badge 

  • Item: G29288

    A Civil Aircraft Industry Award of Merit Lapel Badge 

  • Item: G29300

    An Eastern German’s Association Membership Badge; Type II 

  • Item: G29390

    A TeNo Membership Badge; Numbered 

  • Item: G29436

    A ‘Der Stahlhelm German Frontline Fighter Group” Membership Badge 

  • Item: G29468

    A Civil Gliding Class “B” Proficiency Button-Hole Badge 

  • Item: G29569

    A 1933 First National Socialist Week of Flight in Fürth during Pentecost Table Medal 

  • Item: G29185

    A 1941 Dutch Mussert Cross  

  • Item: G24914

    A Press Badge for 1939 Reichsparteitag Rally at Nuremberg 

  • Item: G29181

    A DSB (German Stenographer’s Association) Membership Badge by Glaser & Sohn of Dresden 

  • Item: G29188

    A Scarce SA/SS DLV Traditional Badge 

  • Item: G29197

    A DLV (German Air Sports Association) Membership Badge 

  • Item: G29208

    An Unusual Member’s Badge of the German Aero-Modelers Association 

Total items found 15

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