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Civilian & Sport Medals & Plaques

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  • Item: G18989

    A 1934 Second Place SS German Sailing Day Award 

  • Item: G18600

    A 1940 German Infantry Regiment War Sport Festival; 1st Place Medal 

  • Item: G26508

    A Third Reich Period Abteilungs Sportfest First Place Long Jump Medal 

  • Item: G26509

    A 1935 Wilhelmshaven Garrison Sailing Competition Second Prize Plaque 

  • Item: G33033

    A Bronze Grade DRL Sports Badge by Hensler of Pforzheim 

  • Item: G33121

    A Third Reich Period Ullar Winter Sports Protective Patron Saint Badge 

  • Item: G33123

    A 1939 Winter Sports Competition Badge 

Total items found 7

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