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Third Reich Army Badges

Total items found 15

  • Item: G21106

    A Tank Destruction Badge 

  • Item: G21092

    A German Army Officer's Edelweiss Badge  

  • Item: G26912

    A Silver Grade Tank Assault Badge  

  • Item: G22716

    A Box for General Assault/Panzer/Infantry Badge by Rudolf Leukert 

  • Item: G22635

    A General Assault Badge; Grade III (50) by Rudolf Karneth  

  • Item: G23575

    A Bronze Grade Anti Partisan Badge by Juncker  

  • Item: G23784

    A Bronze Grade Tank Badge with Carton of Issue 

  • Item: G27411

    A Fine Silver Grade Tank Battle Badge by Adolf Scholze 

  • Item: G28664

    An Early Bronze Grade Tank Badge in Tombac 

  • Item: G28733

    A Mint Scarce Cloth Version Black Wound Badge 

  • Item: G28742

    A Special Grade Tank Badge for 25 Panzer Engagements by Josef Feix & Sohn of Gablonz 

  • Item: G28835

    A Silver Grade Infantry Assault Badge by Richard Simm & Söhne of Gablonz 

  • Item: G28897

    A Mint Gold Grade Wound Badge in its Original Case of Issue by the Official Vienna State Mint 

  • Item: G28911

    An Absolutely Mint Silver Grade Tank Badge by Ferdinand Wiedmann 

  • Item: G28912

    An Absolutely Mint Bronze Grade Tank Badge by Ferdinand Wiedmann 

Total items found 15

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