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Third Reich Army Badges

Total items found 14

  • Item: G20302

    Five Second War German Heer & Kriegsmarine Badges 

  • Item: G28932

    A Mint and Unissued Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Narvik Shield 

  • Item: G28936

    A Second War German Gold Grade Wound Badge by Carl Wild with its Original Case of Issue 

  • Item: G29005

    An Narvik Campaign Shield 

  • Item: G26443

    A Special Grade General Assault Badge “50” - by Maker "Juncker" 

  • Item: G30932

    A Gold Grade Tank Badge for 75 Panzer Engagements by Josef Feix & Söhne 

  • Item: G30966

    An Early Silver Grade Infantry Assault Badge in Tombac 

  • Item: G30967

    An Early War Silver Grade Tank Assault Badge 

  • Item: G30970

    A Mint German Black Grade Wound Badge; Alternative 1957 Version  

  • Item: G30998

    A Mint Gold Grade Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Driver’s Proficiency Badge  

  • Item: G31000

    A Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Issue Krim Campaign Shield 

  • Item: G31001

    A Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Issue Kuban Campaign Shield 

  • Item: G31003

    A Second War German Silver Grade Wound Badge 

  • Item: G31004

    A Second War German Gold Grade Wound Badge in Case  

Total items found 14

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