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Third Reich Army Awards

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  • Item: G17824

    A Spanish Cross in Silver with Swords by Berg & Nolte , Ludenscheid 

  • Item: G26597

    A 1940 Commemorative Medal for the Campaign in Norway 

  • Item: G24817

    A 1938 Panzer Abwehr Abteilung 41 Herbstfahrt Event Plaque 

  • Item: G27375

    A Spanish Cross in Gold with Swords by Petz & Lorenz 

  • Item: G29249

    A Prague Campaign Bar for a Commemorative Sudetenland Medal 

  • Item: G29261

    A Spanish Volunteer in Russia “Blue Division” Commemorative Medal 

  • Item: G29310

    A 1939 First Prize Plaque Presented to a Member of the 4th Panzerabwehr Battalion 10 

  • Item: G29366

    A Case for a War Merit Cross First Class with Swords 

  • Item: G29368

    A 1939 American Kyhffhäuser League “Day of German Soldiers” Commemorative Medal 

  • Item: G29414

    An Eastern Winter Campaign Medal in its Original Packet of Issue by Katz & Deyhle of Pforzheim 

  • Item: G29419

    A Gold Grade Eastern People Bravery Decoration; 2nd Class by R. Wächtler & Lange in its Packet of Issue 

  • Item: G29420

    A Second War German West Wall Commemorative Medal with Packet of Issue by Carl Poellath 

  • Item: G24875

    A Bronze Grade Close Combat Clasp by A.G.M.u.K. 

  • Item: G29201

    A War Merit Cross First Class with Swords 

  • Item: G29203

    A Four-Year Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Long Service Medal; 4th Grade 

  • Item: G29227

    A War Merit Cross First Class with Swords by Carl Poellath Schrobenhausen in its Original Case 

  • Item: G29237

    A Gold Grade Tamgha-e-Bharat (Soldier’s Medal) Azad Hind Medal without Swords 

  • Item: G29238

    A Silver Grade Close Combat Clasp by Funcke & Brüninghaus of Lüdenscheid 

Total items found 18

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