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eMedals-A Rare Iron Cross 2nd Class 1939 Document Group to Afrikakorps Nurse Ilse Schulz

Item: G22171

A Rare Iron Cross 2nd Class 1939 Document Group to Afrikakorps Nurse Ilse Schulz


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A Rare Iron Cross 2nd Class 1939 Document Group to Afrikakorps Nurse Ilse Schulz

The group of award documents, awards and photos, awarded to DRK-Schwester (German Red Cross Nurse) Ilse Schulz, all contained within an album: front of the album centering iron cross, with ribbons attached on the left side. Page one contains her photo and her three awards (German-Italian Campaign in Africa Commemorative medal, in bronze; her “Afrikakorps” Cufftitle; and her German Welfare medal, silvered bronze; page 2 contains her Iron Cross 2nd Class (magnetic, marked “120” on ring), and also corresponding award document (12. April 1943), folded, in very fine condition and rare to a female (approximately 20 awarded); page 3 contains her War Merit Medal, and corresponding award document (“in field”, 26.3.1942); page 4 has photo of colleague Ilse Schulz, of DRK-Schwester Grete Fock, also Iron Cross 2nd Class winner (among other awards, listed next to her photo). The following pages contains photos of, presumably, family and friends of Ilse Schulz serving in different capacities during Third Reich: photo of an SS Officer; RAD leader; female signals branch personnel; various photos of scenes in hospital; photos of Mediterranean scenery, ports; photos of wounded soldiers in a hospital; photos of Ilse Schulz when she was younger, as a member of BDM - German League of Girls (Bund Deutscher Mädel); Hitler’s visit to BDM (presumably, to a town where Ilse Schulz was residing); more photos of BDM activities, sport completion, rallies. All together this album contains 91 photos. DRK-Schwester (German Red Cross Nurse) Ilse Schulz: This album was once owned by the DRC-sister Ilse Schulz. Along with the DRC-sister Grete Fock she was honored for her heroism in the two-year battle in Africa in April 1943 with the EK II. Despite constant heavy bombing not left their place on the side of the doctor in a major operation. Already in March 1942 both sisters received the War Medal. Moreover DRK Nursing Ilise Schulz received further awards: "Medal for German people care" "German-Italian Africa Medal" "Ärmelband Africa" "Black Wound Badge" Exceptionally rare and very desirable group of document to a Female Iron Cross 2nd Class recipient. Here of the official list of all Females who received Iron Cross 2nd Class 1939: Flugkapitän Hanna Reitsch am 28.03.1941 DRK-Schwester Elfriede Wnuk am 19.09.1942 DRK-Schwester Marga Droste im September 1942 Dipl.-Ing. Flugkapitän Melitta Gräfin Schenk von Stauffenberg am 22.01.1943 DRK-Schwester Magda Darchinger, 1943 DRK-Schwester Ilse Schulz, 1943 DRK-Schwester Grete Fock am 10.04.1943 DRK-Schwester Liselotte Hensel, 1943 DRK-Generalhauptführerin und Bereitschaftsdienstführerin Holzmann im August 1943 DRK-Schwester Elfriede Gunia am 02.08.1944 Freiwillige norwegische Schwester Anne Gunhild Moxnes am 02.08.1944 DRK-Schwester Hanny Weber, 1944 DRK-Schwester Geolinde Münch, 1944 DRK-Schwester Greta Grafenkamp am 17.02.1945 Ärztin Dr. Elisabeth Potuz am 03.02.1945 DRK-Schwester Ruth Raabe am 03.02.1945 Schwester Ursula Kögel am 01.03.1945 Schwesternhelferin Liselotte Schlotterbeck am 08.03.1945 Other sources and newspapers list approximately another 10 Female recipients, most of them apparently receiving the award at the last days of the War (April-May 1945), but these are not officially confirmed.
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