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The Iron Cross 1939

Total items found 16

  • Item: G27898

    An Absolutely Mint Clasp to the Iron Cross 1939 Second Class; Type II in Original LDO Marked Box of Issue 

  • Item: G28934

    A Parade Mounted Iron Cross 1939 Second Class Medal Bar 

  • Item: G28935

    An Iron Cross 1939 First Class by Paul Meybauer with its Original LDO Case of Issue 

  • Item: G28095

    A Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Issue German Cross in Gold; Cloth Version by Hermann Schmuck & Cie 

  • Item: G28092

    A Fine Case of the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross 1939  

  • Item: G27377

    A Fine Quality German Cross in Gold for Panzer Units; Cloth Version by C.E. Juncker 

  • Item: G30786

    An Iron Cross 1939 Second Class in its Original Packet of Issue by Steinhauer & Lück 

  • Item: G30928

    A Rare Cloth Version Iron Cross 1914 First Class 

  • Item: G30931

    An Iron Cross 1939 Second Class 

  • Item: G30969

    A German Cross in Gold in its Case of Issue; 1957 Version by Steinhauer & Lück 

  • Item: G30980

    An Iron Cross 1939 2nd Class in its Original Wrappings to a Luftwaffe Member 

  • Item: G31007

    A Mint Iron Cross 1939 Second Class by Hermann Aurich of Dresden 

  • Item: G31008

    An LDO Case of Issue for an Iron Cross 1939 First Class 

  • Item: G16925

    A German Cross in Silver by Deschler & Sohn 

  • Item: G30760

    A Clasp to the Iron Cross 1939 First Class; First Pattern Screwback Version 

  • Item: G30761

    An Iron Cross 1939 Second Class 

Total items found 16

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