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Total items found 7

  • Item: G33302

    A Third Reich Period Wehrmacht Helmet Stick Pin  

  • Item: G33059

    Germany. An KKS (Small-Caliber Shooting Association) Badge and Miniature Stick Pin  

  • Item: G33580

    An SA 1933-Model Dagger Miniature Stick Pin  

  • Item: G33743

    A Civilian Luftwaffe Flak Helper’s Stick Pin  

  • Item: G33857

    A Second War German Gold Grade Wound Badge Miniature Stick Pin  

  • Item: G34487

    Germany. An RLB Membership Stick Pin; Second Pattern  

  • Item: G34562

    Prussia. A First War Prussian Pilot’s Badge Miniature Stick Pin  

Total items found 7

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