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ID Discs - "Dog Tags"

Total items found 7

  • Item: G26502

    A German POW Camp ID Tag for Allied Soldiers Housed at the Stalag III-C Camp 

  • Item: G29993

    A SS Flak Division 3 “Totenkopf” Identification Tag 

  • Item: G30325

    A Second War German Kriegsmarine Identification Tag 

  • Item: G30328

    A Second War German 4th Jäger Regiment 78 Identification Tag 

  • Item: G30329

    A Second War German 3rd Artillery Regiment 49 Nr. 50 Identification Tag 

  • Item: G30331

    A Luftwaffe Jever Airport Maintenance Group Employee Tag 

  • Item: G29994

    A SS Totenkopf Sturmbann Groß Rosen Guard Identification Tag 

Total items found 7

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