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ID Discs - "Dog Tags"

Total items found 7

  • Item: G28516

    A Scarce Waffen-SS Estonian Legion Reserve Battalion Identification Disk 

  • Item: G28737

    A German 2nd Company Anti-Tank Battalion 53 Identification Tag with its Original String Necklace 

  • Item: G28522

    A Waffen-SS Panzergrenadier Brigade “Nederland” Identification Tag 

  • Item: G28578

    A Scarce Luftwaffe Luftnachrichten Flugmeldereservekompanie 9/3 Identification Tag 

  • Item: G28579

    A Wehrkreis Kommando VI Identification Tag 

  • Item: G28591

    A Luft Park (Airport) Brandis Staff Identification Tag 

  • Item: G28605

    A Numbered German Camp ID Tag for POW’s Housed at the Frontstalag 240 in Verdun (France) 

Total items found 7

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