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Armbands & Cufftitles

Total items found 7

  • Item: G17506

    An Afrikakorps Campaign Cufftitle 

  • Item: G27001

    A NSDAP Ortsgruppe/Zellenleiter and Haubtbetriebsobermann Armband; RZM Tagged 

  • Item: G25282

    A Rare Early Pattern Second War German Armband for Blinded Combatants 

  • Item: G27000

    A Mint NSDAP Political Leader Candidate Armband 

  • Item: G30088

    A Rare East District Coastal Watch Police (Danzig/Prussia) Armband 

  • Item: G30026

    An Ordensburgen NSDAP School for Political Leaders Cufftitle 

  • Item: G30029

    A Fine SS Member’s Armband 

Total items found 7

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