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Armbands & Cufftitles

Total items found 6

  • Item: M0308-40

    Germany, SS. An Osttürkische Waffen-Verband of the SS Cufftitle  

  • Item: G41057

    Germany, NSDAP. An Ortsgruppenleiter Armband  

  • Item: G41196

    Germany, RLB. A Reich Air Protection League (RLB) I Pattern Officer’s Armband  

  • Item: G41199

    Germany, Wehrmacht. An Afrika Campaign Cuff Title  

  • Item: G41194

    Germany, SA. A SA-Standarte “Feldherrnhalle” Cuff Title  

  • Item: G41205

    Germany, RAD. A Reich Labour Service (RAD) Leader’s Armband  

Total items found 6

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