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Total items found 15

  • Item: G21329

    A Very Rare SA-Marine Side Cap Badge 

  • Item: G21326

    A Pair of Waffen-SS Panzer Shoulder Straps to an Unteroffizier  

  • Item: G21327

    A Badge of the Croatian/German Einsatzstaffel (ES) ES Units 

  • Item: G24191

    A Second War SS Sword Portepee 

  • Item: G28668

    An NSDAP Long Service Award for 10 Year’s of Service; 3rd Class 

  • Item: G28669

    A Special Grade Faithful Service Award for 50 Years of Loyal Work; 1st Class 

  • Item: G28672

    An Early Small NSDAP Party Member's Badge 

  • Item: G28708

    An SS Totenkopf Skull Collar Tab .  

  • Item: G28760

    A Single Waffen-SS Artillery Hauptsturmführer Shoulder Board 

  • Item: G28761

    A Single Waffen-SS Medical Personnel Obersturmführer Shoulder Board 

  • Item: G28796

    A NSDAP Party Member’s Lapel Badge by Gustav Brehmer of Markneukirchen 

  • Item: G28811

    An SS Obersturmbannführer Collar Tab 1933-1945 

  • Item: G28812

    An Early SS Officer’s Sleeve Eagle; Tunic Removed 

  • Item: G28827

    A Rare Germanic Achievement Badge of the SS in Bronze 

  • Item: G28909

    A Second Pattern (1934-1945) Waffen-SS Visor Skull by Deschler & Sohn  

Total items found 15

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