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  • Item: G22197

    Germany. A NSDAP Day Badge; Gau-Traditionsabzeichen Osthannover 1933  

  • Item: G31327

    A Bronze Grade SA Sports Badge by E. Schneider of Lüdenscheid  

  • Item: G31328

    A Third Reich Period NSDAP Regatta Chain  

  • Item: G32756

    Germany. A 1934 Wehrmacht/SA/SS Ski-Championships in Berchtesgaden Award Badge  

  • Item: G33942

    An NSDAP Membership Badge by Steinhauer & Lück of Lüdenscheid  

  • Item: G35257

    Germany. A NSDAP Golden Party Badge by Deschler & Sohn; Large Version  

Total items found 6

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