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  • Item: G41044

    Germany, NSKK. A Set of Standartenführer Collar Tabs  

  • Item: G41028

    Germany, NSKK. A 1939 5th Bavaria to Austria Race Commemorative Plaque by Carl Poellath  

  • Item: G41015

    Germany, NSDAP. A 1929 NSDAP Party Day in Nuremberg Badge by Ferdinand Hoffstätter  

  • Item: G41001

    Germany, NSDAP. A Set of Gau-Level Obergemeinschaftsleiter Collar Tabs  

  • Item: G41039

    Germany, NSKK. A Set of NSKK Motorstandarte 2 Standartenführer Collar Tabs  

  • Item: G41024

    Germany, NSDAP. A Sleeve Insignia for an NSDAP Stabsleiter  

  • Item: G41014

    Germany, NSKK. A Badge for Dutch Eastern Front Volunteers in the NSKK  

  • Item: G41180

    Germany, Third Reich. A Decorative Patriotic NSDAP Ring, by Fahrner  

  • Item: G41220

    Germany, NSDAP. A Membership Badge, by Matthias Oeschsler & Sohn  

Total items found 9

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