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Total items found 8

  • Item: G24912

    A Gau-Hessen-Nassau Commemorative Medal; The Old Leader Korps of the NSDAP 

  • Item: G15291

    A Golden Party Badge of the Assessor of the Regional Court in Schwaben 

  • Item: G26293

    A Large GAU Honor Badge Baden 

  • Item: G31692

    A Small NSDAP Party Member’s Lapel Badge; Marked 

  • Item: G31693

    A Mint NSDAP 10-Year Long Service Medal with Matching Miniature; Heavy Version 

  • Item: G31720

    An Early NSDAP Members Badge 

  • Item: G31725

    A NSDAP Party Member’s Lapel Badge by Rudolf Reiling of Pforzheim 

  • Item: G27848

    An NSDAP Long Service Award for 10 Year’s Service 

Total items found 8

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