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SS Collar Tabs

Total items found 6

  • Item: G19168

    An Allgemeine-SS Officer's Collar Tab for Fuss-Standarte 87 

  • Item: G16779

    An SS1 Officer’s Collar Tab 

  • Item: G29132

    A 13th Waffen-SS Mountain Division Handschar Collar Tab 

  • Item: G30868

    A Fine Set of Waffen-SS 3rd Panzer Division “Totenkopf” Untersturmführer Collar Tabs 

  • Item: G31045

    A Fine Set of Waffen-SS “Totenkopf” Division Untersturmführer Tabs; Uniform Removed 

  • Item: G29133

    A 22nd Waffen-SS Freiwillige Kavallerie Collar Tab 

Total items found 6

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