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eMedals-Germany, Wehrmacht. A Pair of Wound Badges

Item: G40383

Germany, Wehrmacht. A Pair of Wound Badges

Sale Date: February 24, 2019 Hammer Price


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Germany, Wehrmacht. A Pair of Wound Badges

(Verwundetenabzeichen). A pair of Wound Badges, including a silver grade award, constructed of feinzink, the obverse consisting of an oval laurel wreath, with a central Stahlhelm (Steel Helmet) overlaid by a mobile swastika, on top of crossed swords on a pebbled field, the reverse with a barrel hinge and vertical pinback meeting a round wire catch, unmarked, measuring 36.44 mm (w) x 44.03 mm (h), weighing 23.3 grams, in very fine condition, and; a black grade award, constructed of blackened magnetic metal, of identical appearance, measuring 36.90 mm (w) x 44.34 mm (h), weighing 11.6 grams, in very fine condition.
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