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eMedals-Germany, Imperial.  A Lot of Medals & Awards

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Germany, Imperial. A Lot of Medals & Awards



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Germany, Imperial. A Lot of Medals & Awards

Prussia, Kingdom. A Reserve Army Faithful Services Award, II Class, A circular medal constructed of bronze gilt, the obverse centre bearing a crown circumscribed with “Treue Dienste Reserve Landwehr” (Loyal Services Reserve Army), the reverse centre bears the inscription “Landwehr-Dienstaus-zeichnung II Klasse” (Landwehr service award II Class), measuring 25.03 mm (w) x 29.45 mm (h), with suspension ring on solid blue ribbon, very fine; Bavaria, Kingdom. A Fire Brigade Long Service Award for 25 Years, c.1930, Instituted 24 June 1884. An ovular medal constructed of zinc, the obverse bears a helmet with a chinstrap superimposed on branch detailing with the letter “U” below, the reverse inscribed ‘FÜR 25 JÄHRIGE DIENST-ZEIT’ (for 25 years’ service), with scrolled eyelet, measuring 28.9 mm (w) x 40.03 mm (h), with suspension ring on light blue and white striped ribbon, very fine; Bavaria, Kingdom. A Bavarian Veterans Association Pin, (Bayerischer Kriegerverein Mitgliedsabzeichen),Constructed of silvered bronze, the obverse bears a lion sitting holding a shield with one front paw in the middle of “1874”, inscribed with “Bayer Kriegerbund” (Bavarian Warrior Federation), the top centre bears a black enamel iron cross with a white enamel “10” in the middle, the background shows two downward facing crossed swords and oak leaves, two blue and white ribbons hanging from the bottom, the left ribbon reads “Vet. & Krieger-Kameradschaft.” and the right ribbon reads “Munchen -Jsarvorstadt”, the reverse bears a horizontal pinback and is maker marked “DESCHLER & SOHN, MÜNCHEN” and numbered “9”, obverse marked “GES GESCH” below lion, measuring 29 mm (w) x 47 mm (h), in extremely fine condition; Germany, Weimar Republic. War Commemorative Medal 1914/1918 of the Kyffhäuser Union, (Kriegsdenkmünze 1914/18 des Kyffhäuserbundes). Instituted 18 June 1921. An ovular medal constructed of gilt bronze, the obverse bears a war-torn banner with “Blank die Wehr Rein die Ehr” (To arms with an honor intact” above with “1914-1918” to the left of the banner, encompassed by a border made of laurel, the reverse bears the inscription “Aufrecht u zrok gehen wir aus dem kampfe den wir über vier jahre gegen cine welt oon feinden beztanden Hindenburg” (Upright we go out of the fight that we had over four years against the world and enemies of Hindenburg), circumscribed with “Fur Treue im Weltkriege Der Kyffhauuserbund” (For Loyalty in the World War the Kyffhäuserbund'', marked “HOSAEUS” on the obverse, encompassed by a laurel border, measuring 30.95 mm (w) x 47.12 mm (h), with suspension ring on a black ribbon with white and red stripes, very fine.
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