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eMedals-Germany, SA. A Sturmabteilung (SA) Group Hesse Scharführer’s Brownshirt

Item: M0251-1428

Germany, SA. A Sturmabteilung (SA) Group Hesse Scharführer’s Brownshirt

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Germany, SA. A Sturmabteilung (SA) Group Hesse Scharführer’s Brownshirt

(Sturmabteilung Braunhemd). An extremely well-preserved Sturmabteilung (SA) Group Hesse Scharführer’s brownshirt, constructed of light brown cotton twill. The collar is fully trimmed with interwoven red and blue cotton threaded piping, and is flanked on each side by tabs constructed of dark blue wool. The right tab bears a hand-embroidered, white threaded inscription of “2/49” and is pinned with a silvered bronze badge consisting of crossed flag standard. The right tab is pinned with a single bronze rank pip. Each tab measures 40 mm (w) x 60 mm (l). The cuff of each sleeve is rolled up to a depth of 70 mm and held in place on each side by pebbled magnetic metal buttons fitting through dual reinforced buttonholes. Stitched onto the upper right arm is a NSDAP armband, constructed of multi-coloured cotton, and consisting of a red base with a white disk bearing a black mobile swastika. The armband measures 104 mm (w) x 190 mm (l) when flat. Each breast of the shirt has a pocket opening with a horizontal flap with a reinforced buttonhole meeting a pebbled magnetic metal button. Pinned through the left pocket is a SA Sports Badge in Bronze, constructed of bronzed magnetic metal and maker marked on the reverse “FECHLER, BERNSBACH”. It measures 46.90 mm (w) x 58.64 mm (h). The tunic closes with three pebbled magnetic metal buttons on the right flap, with two smaller brown bakelite buttons, meeting an equal number of reinforced buttonholes on the left flap. All of the metal breast buttons are maker marked on the reverse “OVERHOFF & CIE” for the Lüdenscheid-based firm, while the other metal buttons feature reverse stamps of “EXTRA FEIN”. Set into the structure of the shirt are four pebbled bronze belt hooks, which emanate from the waistband. The interior of the shirt presents plain. It is unmarked and measures approximately 455 mm across the shoulders, with an arm length of 580 mm and an overall body length of 470 mm. It is accompanied by a tie, constructed of light brown cotton, measuring 60 mm in width, and pinned with a gilded bronze swastika stick pin. Some material fatigue is evident to the shirt, but the shirt is in an overall near extremely fine condition.
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