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eMedals-Netherlands, NSB. A Weerbaarheidsafdeling (Resilience Department) Group Leader’s Uniform & Visor

Item: M0166-172

Netherlands, NSB. A Weerbaarheidsafdeling (Resilience Department) Group Leader’s Uniform & Visor

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Netherlands, NSB. A Weerbaarheidsafdeling (Resilience Department) Group Leader’s Uniform & Visor

This is an extremely well-preserved NSB (Nationaal-Socialistische Beweging in Nederland) Weerbaarheidsafdeling (Resilience Department) Groepsleider (Group Leader) tunic and trousers. The tunic is constructed of a corduroy-pattern black wool blend with a complete rayon interior liner. The collar is flanked on each side by rank tabs, each consisting of a blue wool base bearing three gilt magnetic metal pebbled bars, each measuring 62 mm (w) x 40 mm (h). The shoulders each bear a black board constructed of black wool, secured at the outer edge by stitching and at the interior by a black bakelite button. The upper left arm bears a NSB sleeve insignia consisting of a black wool triangle with machine-embroidered twisted gold bullion wire border, “NSB” initials, and Dutch-style lion rampant over an orange, white, and blue Dutch tri-colour on top of the NSB black and red colours, measuring 80 mm (w) x 78 mm (h). The cuffs of each sleeve are turned up to a depth of 65 mm and held in place by a row of stitching across the upper circumference. Each breast of the tunic has two pockets with horizontal flaps, closing with a black bakelite button meeting a reinforced vertical buttonhole. The right breast flap bears four black bakelite buttons meeting an equal number of reinforced buttonholes on the left flap. The reverse has two blackened zinc belt hooks stitched securely into the interior lining. The interior has two breast pockets, each opening with a reinforced horizontal slit. The lining, black throughout the body, transitions to a pinstripe-style pattern through the arms. The tunic is unmarked and measures approximately 480 mm across the shoulders, with an arm length of 590 mm and a total body length of 760 mm. There is slight fraying of the interior liner at the cuff area, but the tunic presents in an otherwise extremely fine condition. Accompanied by its period original trousers, constructed of corduroy-pattern black wool with a partial rayon interior liner. The waistband has six belt loops and two magnetic metal buttons. Underneath sit four pockets, with two at the front opening with a reinforced diagonal slit, a small front pocket with a reinforced horizontal slit, and a single rear pocket opening with a reinforced horizontal slit closed by a magnetic metal button. The pants are closed by a 300 mm vertical slit with four magnetic metal buttons meeting an equal number of reinforced buttonholes. The ankle area of each leg has a 280 mm vertical slit closed with a functional silvered metal zipper. The partial interior liner spans the circumference of the waistband and presents in a pinstripe fashion. The trousers are unmarked and measure approximately 390 mm across the waist and 890 mm through the legs. Two of the four obverse buttons are missing and there is minor soiling of the interior liner, but the trousers are in an otherwise extremely fine condition. With matching and corresponding belt, constructed of nickel-silver; the obverse with a separately applied plate depicting the Dutch crown surrounded by a ribbed circle; the reverse with two solder points, a soldered-on catch, and a double-prong spring bar; measuring 59 mm (w) x 42 mm (h); in overall very fine condition. Accompanied by the matching visor cap, the exterior of the cap is constructed of fine quality green wool. It features a traditional high peak crown, with a matching green wool cap band that is edged by gilt bullion aluminum embroidery along the top and bottom edges of the cap band. The insignia consist of a single NSB cap badge in red felt and black ribbed rayon, lined with gilt bullion embroidery on all three sides of the triangle, with a gilded Wolfsangel hook in the center. The visor is crafted of faux leather, lacquered black on the obvese and dark green on the reverse, and is trimmed in black leather trim along the edge. The two-piece black leather chin strap rests directly on the visor, featuring adjustment buckles on either side of the cap, with an additional central loop in the center and is attached to either side of the cap via a flat gilded button. The interior of the cap is lined with a light orange cotton-silk wool liner. The crown portion of the cap also features a clear celluloid diamond. Along the edge of the cap is also a brown faux leather sweatband. It measures 233 mm (w) x 235 mm (h). In overall very fine condition.
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