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eMedals-Germany, NSDAP. An Orts-Level Hauptamtsleiter Tunic

Item: M0251-406

Germany, NSDAP. An Orts-Level Hauptamtsleiter Tunic

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Germany, NSDAP. An Orts-Level Hauptamtsleiter Tunic

(NSDAP Hauptamtsleiter Dienstrock). This is an extremely well-preserved NSDAP Orts-level Hauptamtsleiter tunic constructed of a corduroy-pattern brown wool exterior with a complete rayon interior liner. The collar is flanked on each side by tabs constructed of a brown wool bed bearing machine-embroidered golden bullion wire thread insignia, each with a single gilded magnetic metal rank pip in the centre, bordered by light blue piping, reflecting a second pattern (1934-1939) Hauptamtsleiter rank design. The cuff of each sleeve is turned up to a depth of 152 mm and securely held in place by two pieces of stitching. Each breast of the tunic bears two pockets opened by stylized horizontal flaps with a single reinforced buttonhole meeting a single, gilded and pebbled magnetic metal button bearing a raised German national eagle clutching a swastika. Each pocket button is stamped on the reverse with the Reichszeugmeisterei “RZM” logo and maker code “M5/117” for Berg & Nolte, Lüdenscheid. The right breast of the tunic has four pebbled magnetic metal buttons, each with a raised German national eagle clutching a swastika, meeting an equal number of reinforced buttonholes on the left breast. These buttons are each stamped on the reverse with the “RZM” logo and maker code “M5/71” for Overhoff & Cie, Lüdenscheid. Above the top left pocket are two vertically-arranged thread loops accommodating an award with a horizontal pinback. The pinback featured presents as a medal ribbon bar with three decorations, including a 1939 Iron Cross Second Class, an Eastern Winter Campaign Medal, and a NSDAP 10-Year Long Service Medal on a 35 mm-long magnetic metal bar. The reverse lower centre of the tunic has a 275 mm vertical slit, the top of which is flanked by gilded magnetic metal belt hooks bearing a German national eagle clutching a swastika, and stamped on the back with the “RZM” logo and maker code “M5/236” for Arno Tempel & Co., Oppach. The interior of the tunic is lined with a brown rayon liner that transitions to a light blue through the arms. There is a single interior pocket located at the top of the left breast, opening with a reinforced horizontal slit. Inside the pocket is an intact Reichszeugmeisterei (RZM) label stitched into the liner, which clearly bears the manufacturer code “61195” and serial number “A-132100”. Inside the collar, a rayon loop is stitched into the exterior material allowing the tunic to be suspended from a hook when not in use. The tunic measures approximately 442 mm across the shoulders, with an arm length of 630 mm and overall body length of 760 mm. Minor soiling of the interior liner is evident, but the tunic presents in an otherwise extremely fine condition.
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