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eMedals-An NSDAP Aiguillette with RZM Control Tag

Item: G20103

An NSDAP Aiguillette with RZM Control Tag

Sale Date: December 11, 2015 Hammer Price


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An NSDAP Aiguillette with RZM Control Tag

Cord is fabricated from embroidered gold-coloured nylon, divided into four sections: the first and second sections having a cord braided into multiple rows of loops, a thin wire loop attached to the ends of the braided portions, the extending ends of the cords on each terminating with 60 mm long gold-coloured metal tips, a paper tag printed in light blue ink sewn in place around the loop on the shorter of the two braided sections, the tag marked with the RZM insignia, inscribed "Hersteller" (Manufacturer) and "Reichjeugmeisterei der NSDAP", maker stamped "M4/21" (Hans Schonfelder, Mittweida), marked "N" and numbered "No 006536", the third section has a shorter looped cord with a braided sliding adjustment knot, the fourth section has a long looped cord, with all four cords joined at six positions within a 21 mm x 42 mm gold-coloured nylon patch, gold-coloured magnetic metal insignia button on the upper of the patch and a safety pin attachment sewn in place on its underside. Scattered gold-coloured gilt wear on the tips, better than extremely fine.

Footnote: From the collection of approximately 900 German buckles accumulated by John R. Angolia, who start collecting buckles, belts and brocades from 1944 until around 1990; most of the buckles were obtained from the American and German veterans; most of these buckles present a core of Angolia’s book “Belt Buckles & Brocades of the Third Reich”, published in 2001.

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