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German States

Total items found 48

  • Item: EG516

    Lippe, Principality. A Princely Houseorder, Fourth Class Honour Cross, c.1913  

  • Item: G17154

    Baden. An Order of Berthold the First, Commander’s Star, c.1910  

  • Item: G37104

    Bavaria, Kingdom. A 1763 Merit Table Medal from the Boica Academy of Science  

  • Item: G33445

    Bavaria, Kindgom. A Royal Merit Order of St. Michael, Merit Cross, c.1910  

  • Item: G37386

    Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt, Principality. A Merit Medal, c.1915  

  • Item: G37017

    Bavaria, Kingdom. A 1881 Merit Medal to Eduard Kaempfer in the Arts  

  • Item: G37428

    Hesse-Darmstadt. A House Order of the Golden Lion, Gold Collar, c.1925  

  • Item: G20985

    Mecklenburg. An Order of the Griffin, Officer's Cross, c.1914  

  • Item: G21052

    Prussia, Kingdom. A Medal for Lady's of Louise Order, c.1865  

  • Item: G18555

    Bavaria, Kingdom. A Merit Order of the Crown, Grand Cross Star, c.1840  

  • Item: G37101

    Lippe. A Prussian-Lippian Medal Bar with Four Medals, Awards, and Decorations  

  • Item: G38647

    Prussia, State. A Crown Order in Gold, II Class Commander with Swords, c.1914  

  • Item: G38669

    Prussia, State. A Pair of Prussian Field Marshal Shoulder Boards, c.1870  

  • Item: G38795

    Saxony, Kingdom. A Miniature Albrecht Order in Gold, I Class Knight with Crown, c.1905  

  • Item: G40020

    Schaumburg-Lippe, Principality. A 1914 Faithful Service Cross  

  • Item: EG3330

    Oldenburg, Grand Duchy. A House & Merit Order of Peter Friedrich Ludwig, Golden Grand Cross with Swords & Laurels  

  • Item: EG3112

    Saxony, Kingdom. An Albrecht Order in Gold, Grand Cross, by G.A. Scharffenberg, c.1900  

  • Item: EG3192

    Germany, Prussia. Order of the Red Eagle, I Class Grand Cross Sash  

  • Item: EG2233

    Germany, Kingdom of Prussia. An Order of the Crown, I Class Grand Cross Sash  

  • Item: EG3128

    Baden, Duchy. An Order of the Zähringer Lion, I Class Knight with Oak Leaves & Swords, c.1915  

  • Item: G40071

    Prussia, Kingdom. A Group of Prussian Decorations  

  • Item: G40085

    Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Duchy. An Adolf Friedrich Cross  

  • Item: G40057

    Bavaria, Free City. An Anniversary Medal of the 2nd Royal Bavarian Infantry Regiment  

  • Item: G40080

    Schaumburg-Lippe, Principality. A 1914 Loyal Service Cross for Combatant  

  • Item: G40091

    Bavaria, Kingdom. A Military House Order of St.George, Grand Cross Star, by Eduard Quellhorst, c. 1858  

  • Item: G40064

    Prussia, Kingdom. An 1870 EK Non-Combatant Medal Bar  

  • Item: G40072

    Saxony, Kingdom. A Group of Saxon Decorations  

  • Item: G40086

    Bavaria, Kingdom. A Golden Wedding Commemorative Medal, c.1918  

  • Item: G40059

    Bavaria, Kingdom. An 1866 Commemorative Austrian War Campaign Cross  

  • Item: G40068

    Hesse-Darmstadt, Grand Duchy. An Order of Philip the Magnanimous in Gold, I Class Knight’s Cross  

  • Item: G40081

    Saxony, Kingdom. A Borna Military Association Membership Badge  

  • Item: G40065

    Prussia, Kingdom. A Pair of Prussian Merit Medals  

  • Item: G40079

    Bavaria, Kingdom. A Golden Wedding Commemorative Medal, c.1918  

  • Item: G40090

    Prussia, State. An Order of the Red Eagle, IV Class, by R. Zeich  

  • Item: G40061

    Bavaria, Kingdom. A Medal for Suppression of Rebellion in 1849 by Voigt of Berlin  

  • Item: G40066

    Prussia, Kingdom. An 1813 War Merit Medal for Combatants  

  • Item: EG3388

    Prussia, State. An Order of the Black Eagle, I Class Grand Cross Sash, c.1914  

  • Item: G40028

    Schaumburg-Lippe, Principality. A Merit Medal, Silver Grade  

  • Item: M0044-13

    Germany, Imperial. A Prussian Flyers Badge, Decoration, and Wooden Case  

  • Item: G40026

    Hesse, Grand Duchy. A Medal of Merit for Art and Science  

  • Item: G40032

    Bavaria, Kingdom. A King Ludwig III and Maria Theresa Golden Wedding Anniversary Medal  

  • Item: G40022

    Bavaria, Kingdom. An 1870 Military Campaign Medal Bar  

  • Item: G40029

    Bavaria, Kingdom. A King Ludwig’s Cross  

  • Item: G40018

    Prussia, Kingdom. A Militia 20-Year Long Service Cross, First Class  

  • Item: G40027

    Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Grand Duchy. A 15-Year Long Military Service Cross  

  • Item: G40033

    Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Grand Duchy. A 12-Year Long Military Service Cross  

  • Item: G40024

    Prussia, Kingdom. An Army Officer’s 25-Year Long Service Cross  

  • Item: G40031

    Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Grand Duchy. A 9-Year Long Military Service Cross  

Total items found 48

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