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German States

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  • Item: G23782

    An 1836 Brunswick Life Saving Medal in Silver  

  • Item: G27635

    A Rare House Order of the Golden Lion;Grand Commanders Star Second Class  

  • Item: G23312

    A Saxon Order of Albert with Swords; Knight First Class 1914-1918 by G.A. Scharffenberg 

  • Item: G29024

    A Miniature Saxon Albert Order with Swords; Knight First Type  

  • Item: G29026

    A Minature Saxon Military Order of St. Henry in Gold  

  • Item: G29025

    A Miniature Saxe-Weimar Order of the White Falcon in Gold 

  • Item: G23178

    A Wurttemberg Wilhelm's Cross for Merit in Public Welfare 1915-1918  

  • Item: G21260

    An Order of the Lion of Zahringen of Baden; Commander’s Neck Badge in Gold 

  • Item: G21756

    A Brunswick Order of Henry the Lion; First Class Cross  

  • Item: G26517

    A Prussian Johanniter Order, Ehrenritter Neck Cross in Gold by Godet 

  • Item: G33714

    An Order of the Lion of Zahringen, Knight 2nd Class Cross with Gold Swords 

  • Item: G33669

    A Prussian Lifesaving Table Medal in Case c.1820 

  • Item: G24155

    An Unusual Napoleonic Period German Cross in Silver 

Total items found 13

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