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German States

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  • Item: G34454

    Prussia. An 1864-1918 Issue Military Merit Cross by A. Werner & Söhne. c. 1870  

  • Item: G34479

    Mecklenburg-Schwerin. A 1914 Issue Military Merit Cross First Class  

  • Item: G34456

    Bavaria. An Order of Military Merit Breast Star to the Grand Cross Miniature Chain Badge  

  • Item: G34449

    Lippe. An 1913-1918 Princly Schaumburg-Lippe Houseorder Cross Fourth Class by Godet  

  • Item: G34478

    Prussia. A Miniature Pour le Mérite Boutonnière by the German Officer’s League, c.1916  

  • Item: G34511

    Prussia. An Order of the Crown, 3rd Class in Gold, Type I (1861-1864)  

  • Item: G34544

    Prussia. An Outstanding & Early Miniature Red Eagle Order Officer’s Cross, c.1800  

  • Item: G34541

    Prussia. A Miniature Imperial Order of the Red Eagle Cross, Fourth Class  

  • Item: G34543

    Prussia. A Franco Prussian Miniature Red Eagle Boutonniere Pair  

  • Item: G34553

    Prussia. A Very Scarce Prussian 1813 "Prinzen" Iron Cross, 2nd Class  

  • Item: G34551

    Prussia. An Order of the Crown with Swords, Type II, by Wagner, c.1914  

  • Item: G34563

    Saxony. A Possibly Unique 1763 Third Silesian War Commemorative Cross  

  • Item: G34557

    Germany, Imperial. A Saxe-Ernestine House Order in Gold, 1st Class Knight  

  • Item: G34564

    Baden. An Order of the Zähringer Lion in Gold, 1st Class Grand Cross, c.1900  

  • Item: G34559

    Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. A Saxe-Ernestine House Order, 1st Class Grand Cross, c.1910  

Total items found 15

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