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  • Item: G21498

    Prussia, State. A Franco War Period Miniature Award Chain  

  • Item: G21052

    Prussia, Kingdom. A Medal for Lady's of Louise Order, c.1865  

  • Item: EG3181

    Prussia, State. A Royal Order of the Crown, Fourth Class, c.1880  

  • Item: EG3360

    Prussia. An Housorder of Hohenzollern, Knight’s Eagle, c.1914  

  • Item: EG3175

    Prussia, State. A Royal Order of the Crown, III Class on Commemorative Ribbon, c.1910  

  • Item: EG3161

    Prussia, State. A Masonic House Order, Commander's Badge  

  • Item: EG3195

    Prussia. An Order of the Red Eagle, I Class Star, by Kretly A Parte, c.1845  

  • Item: EG3167

    Prussia, State. A Royal Order of the Crown in Gold, First Class, c.1910  

  • Item: EG3154

    Prussia, State. An Order of St. John in Gold, Cross of Knights, c.1840  

  • Item: G37568

    Germany, Empire. A Pour-le-Merite and Career Medals and Awards of the “Iron Commander” Leo Leonhardy  

  • Item: G37666

    Prussia, Kingdom. A Napoleonic Period Prussian War Merit Medal  

  • Item: G37654

    Prussia, Kingdom. An 1851 Prussian Hohenzollern Medal for Combatants of the 1848-1849 Rebellion  

  • Item: G37663

    Prussia, Kingdom. A Cased Prussian General Honour Medal  

  • Item: G37502

    Prussia, Kingdom. An Order of the Red Eagle in Gold, Grand Cross with Oak Leaves, c.1915  

  • Item: G37515

    Germany, Empire. A II Class Iron Cross 1813, Wide-Frame Version, c. 1820’s  

  • Item: M0259-5

    Prussia, State. A Pilot’s Badge, c.1918  

  • Item: G37521

    Prussia, State. A Merit Medal for Merit in Wartime Homing Pigeon Training  

Total items found 17

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