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Total items found 8

  • Item: G18867

    A Miniature Prussian Order of the Crown  

  • Item: G29329

    A Prussian War Air Merit Cross 

  • Item: G29330

    A Prussian Fire Service Decoration; Type I 

  • Item: G29331

    A Prussian Fire Service Decoration, Type II 

  • Item: G29337

    A Prussian Landsturm Landwehr Cross Cap Insignia 

  • Item: G29379

    An 1800's Prussian Cartouche Insignia  

  • Item: G23182

    A Prussian House Order of Hohenzollern 1861-1918; Inhaber Cross  

  • Item: G29223

    A House Order of Hohenzollern; Inhaber Cross with Swords by Friedlander 

Total items found 8

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