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  • Item: G36237

    Prussia, State. An Order of the Crown in Gold, Commander's Cross, by Wagner, c.1910  

  • Item: G36351

    Prussia, State. A Royal Order of the Crown, Cross First Class, Unofficially Numbered  

  • Item: G36389

    Prussia. An Honour Cross First Class of the Prussian Veteran’s Association  

  • Item: G36382

    Prussia, State. A Faithful Warrior’s Long Service Boutonniere  

  • Item: G36398

    Prussia, State. A First War Veteran’s Kyffhäuser League Medal Ribbon Bar  

  • Item: G36357

    Prussia, State. A Royal Crown Order Medal, First Pattern, with Open Crown  

  • Item: G36396

    Prussia, State. An 1870 Boutonniere with Three Medals, Awards, and Decorations  

  • Item: G36346

    Prussia, State. A Civilian China Medal and Reserve Long Service Decoration Boutonniere  

  • Item: G36387

    Prussia, State. A Red Eagle Order, Second Class with Swords, and Oak Leaves, c.1917  

  • Item: G36377

    Prussia. A Veteran’s Association Long Service Award, with Swords  

  • Item: G36397

    Prussia, State. A First War Miniature Medal Bar to a Veteran  

  • Item: EG869

    Prussia, State. A Silver Volunteers of the War of 1814 Medal  

  • Item: G36295

    Prussia, State. A Milita 20-Year Long Service Cross, First Class for Officers  

  • Item: G36319

    Prussia, Kingdom. An 1814 Campaign War Medal  

  • Item: G36302

    Prussia. An Order of the Red Eagle, Fourth Class, c.1870  

  • Item: G36297

    Prussia, State. A Red Cross Medal Second Class, Mounted.  

  • Item: G36293

    Prussia, State. A Royal Order of the Crown, Fourth Class, by Wilm, Berlin  

  • Item: G36310

    Prussia, State. A 25-Year Long Service Cross for Officers  

  • Item: G36300

    Prussia. A Royal Order of the Crown, Fourth Class Knight, by ZEHN  

Total items found 19

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