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Imperial Medal Bars

Total items found 9

  • Item: G20246

    A First War Saxon & Iron Cross Medal Bar 

  • Item: G19932

    A First War Wurttenberg 3 Piece Medal Bar  

  • Item: G19934

    A First War Prussian & Bavarian Award Pair  

  • Item: G19937

    A First War Prussian & Brunswick Medal Bar  

  • Item: G19942

    A First War Prussian & Saxon Medal Bar 

  • Item: G19944

    A First War Prussian & Saxon Long Service Medal Bar  

  • Item: G19933

    A First War Wurttenberg Medal Bar 

  • Item: G19939

    A Saxon, Prussian, and Austrian First War Medal Bar  

  • Item: G19029

    A Mecklenburg-Schwerin First War Medal Bar 

Total items found 9

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