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German HeadGear

Total items found 11

  • Item: M0251-171

    Germany, DAK. A II Pattern German Africa Corps (Deutsches Afrikakorps) Tropical Helmet by R&M Wegener  

  • Item: M0271-129

    Germany, RAD. A National Labour Service Officers Overseas Cap  

  • Item: G41087

    Germany, Luftwaffe. An EM/NCO’s M43 Field Cap  

  • Item: G41089

    Germany, Heer. A EM/NCO’s M43 Field Cap  

  • Item: G41206

    Germany, SS. A Waffen-SS M43 Field Cap  

  • Item: M0331-1

    Germany, Reichsbahn. A Railway Service High Ranking Official’s Visor Cap, by Ludwig Vögele  

  • Item: G41325

    Germany, RAD. A Reich Labour Service (RAD) EM/NCO’s Winter Field Cap  

  • Item: G41328

    Germany, Heer. A Heer M40 Single-Decal Steel Helmet by Eisenhüttenwerk Thale  

  • Item: G41326

    Germany, Ordnungspolizei. An Ordnungspolizei M40 Steel Helmet  

  • Item: G41327

    Germany, Heer. A Heer M17 Transitional Steel Helmet  

  • Item: m0251-402

    Germany, Ordnungspolizei. A Landwacht Officer’s Visor Cap  

Total items found 11

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