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German HeadGear

Total items found 14

  • Item: M0205-19

    A No-Decal M42 1943 Wehrmacht Heer Stahlhelm by T. Hartzhüttenwerk AG  

  • Item: G35820

    Germany. A Waffen-SS M43 Mountain Officer’s Field Cap  

  • Item: G36162

    Germany, Luftwaffe. An Artillery NCO’s Summer Visor Cap  

  • Item: M0251-163

    Germany, Luftschutz. An Air Raid Protection “Gladiator” Helmet, c.1939  

  • Item: M0251-161

    Germany, Civic Police. A Civic Police (Polizei) Steel Helmet  

  • Item: M0251-156

    Germany, Police. An Ordnungspolizei M40 Steel Helmet, by Sächsische Emaillier & Stanzwerke  

  • Item: M0251-154

    Germany, Police. An M18 Transitional Austrian Ordnungspolizei Helmet  

  • Item: M0251-172

    Germany, Heer. A Wehrmacht Heer (Army) Africa Corps Pith Helmet, c. 1942  

  • Item: M0251-186

    Germany, Polizei. An Auxiliary Police (Polizei) NCO’s Shako by C. Pose, Berlin  

  • Item: M0251-162

    Germany, Ordnungspolizei. An Early Order Police (Ordnungspolizei) Austrian-Style M16 Steel Helmet  

  • Item: M0251-157

    Germany, Heer. A Wehrmacht Heer (Army) M42 Combat Helmet  

  • Item: G37646

    Germany. An Africa Corps M43 Field Cap  

  • Item: G37644

    Germany. A Waffen-SS NCO’s Visor “Crusher” Cap  

  • Item: G37645

    Germany. A 1936 SS NCO's Visor Cap; SS-RZM Tagged.  

Total items found 14

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