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German HeadGear

Total items found 14

  • Item: G36512

    Germany, Kriegsmarine. An Officer’s Tropical M43 Field Cap  

  • Item: G36517

    Germany, RAD. A National Labour Service Leader’s M43 Style Field Cap, by August Schaltenberg  

  • Item: G36514

    Germany, RBD. A Railway Protection Police Overseas Cap, Dated 1939  

  • Item: G36513

    Germany, Organisation Todt. An Officer’s Side Cap  

  • Item: G36515

    Germany, DAF. An Officer’s Side Cap  

  • Item: G36516

    Germany, Luftwaffe. An Officer’s Visor Cap  

  • Item: G36597

    Germany, Wehrmacht. A Heer Signals EM/NCO’s Overseas Cap  

  • Item: G36595

    Germany, Luftwaffe. A Mechanic & Flak Helper Overseas Cap, c. 1937  

  • Item: G36700

    Germany, Luftwaffe. A Single Decal M40 Helmet Belonging to Hans Engels, DKiG Recipient  

  • Item: G36583

    Germany, Kriegsmarine. An NCO’s Visor Cap  

  • Item: G36598

    Germany. An Early Wehrmacht Panzer EM/NCO’s Overseas Side Cap, by Willy Sprengpfeil. c. 1940  

  • Item: G36596

    Germany, Luftwaffe. An EM/NCO’s Overseas Cap  

  • Item: G36594

    Germany, Wehrmacht. A Panzer Officer’s Visor Cap, by Pekürus  

  • Item: G36599

    Germany, Todt. An Officer’s M43 Field Cap  

Total items found 14

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