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Third Reich Flags & Militaria

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    Germany, NSDAP. A Vehicle Pennant  

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    An SS Allach-Made Male Fox Figurine by Theodor Kärner  

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    An SS Allach-Made Young Hare Figurine by Theodor Kärner & Franz Nagy  

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    Germany. An SS Dispositional Troops Officer’s Dining Hall Gravy Ladle  

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    Germany, Third Reich. A Teapot from the Nürnberger Deutsche Hof  

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    Germany, SS. A SS Mess Hall Fork by Olympia  

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    Germany, Kriegsmarine. An Aviso Grille Paperweight  

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    Germany, HJ. A Spool with a Length of Original RZM-Marked HJ Black Thread  

Total items found 8

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