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German Flags & Militaria

Total items found 11

  • Item: G19647

    An NSKK Vehicle Pennant 

  • Item: G18975

    A Wehrmacht Officer's Tote Case by Arndt & Lehmann 

  • Item: G25707

    A Kriegsmarine Vice Admiral's Flag (Vizeadmiralsflagge) 

  • Item: G26423

    An SA Sturm 14/39 Hilmerich Funereal Sash  

  • Item: G29472

    An Allach Porcelain Moriskentanzer; "Burgunder"  

  • Item: G29567

    A Stamp & Seal of the Office of Reichs-Minister of Finance; Graf Schwerin von Krosigk 

  • Item: G29597

    An Ink Stamp of the Seal of the SS Field Post Office 113 Attached to XIII SS-Army Corps 

  • Item: G29661

    An SS Allach Sitting Bear Figurine by Theodor Kärner 

  • Item: G29682

    A German Army (Heer) Soldier Zinc Desk Bust 

  • Item: G10491

    A Scarce Early Pattern BDM/JM Wattweiler Rheinpfalz Untergau Pennant 

  • Item: G27066

    A German Red Cross (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz) Flag 1944  

Total items found 11

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