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  • Item: G17966

    A Brunswick SS Flute by F.Arthur Uebel with Case 

  • Item: G26402

    A Unique & Interesting German Fighter Ace's Hand Carved Kill Cane 

  • Item: G30861

    A Third Reich Period German Silver Skull Ring: Marked “835” 

  • Item: G30897

    A Pair of 1944 Luftwaffe Airman's Flight Boots  

  • Item: G30885

    A Luftwaffe Ceremonial Sword Hanger  

  • Item: G30917

    An SS Allach Sitting Bear Figurine by Theodor Kärner  

  • Item: G31010

    A Catholic Wehrmachtspfarrer/Chaplain’s Silver Pectoral Cross 

  • Item: G31039

    A Third Reich Period German Skull Ring; Marked 800 

  • Item: G27827

    A Third Reich Period Silver Skull and Bones Ring 

  • Item: G29184

    A Cigarette Case of the SS-Division (mot.) Wiking Member 

  • Item: G30702

    A Set of 1943 Wehrmacht Field Binoculars by Hensoldt & Söhne Werke A-G, Wetzlar  

Total items found 11

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