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German Empire, Weimar R.

Total items found 15

  • Item: G19060

    A Freikorps Schlageter Badge; Second Type  

  • Item: G19100

    A First War German Naval Zeppelin Badge  

  • Item: G33978

    Germany. A First War “Down with England - Death to the Archenemy” Patriotic Medal  

  • Item: G33923

    A Kriegsmarine Submarine War Badge, Maker Marked "Schwerin Berlin 68"  

  • Item: G33980

    A First War Period ODB Veteran’s Association Stick Pin  

  • Item: G33977

    Oldenburg. A First War Period German Oldenburg Naval Badge  

  • Item: G33981

    A Silver Iron Cross 1914 First Class; Screwback Version  

  • Item: G33989

    An 1885-1918 Issue Mecklenburg-Schwerin Memorial Medal for Grand Duke Friedrich III  

  • Item: G33990

    An Iron Cross 1914 Second Class with a Non-Combatant Hindenburg Cross  

  • Item: G34015

    A Fine Iron Cross 1914 First; Screwback Version  

  • Item: EG873

    Germany, Imperial A Pair of First War Awards  

  • Item: EG1510

    Germany. Two Imperial Medals and Decorations  

  • Item: EG1296

    Prussia. Two First War 1914 Iron Crosses  

  • Item: G34097

    Germany. An 1920 Stahlhelm Membership Badge  

  • Item: G34096

    Germany. A Goethe Medal for Art and Science in Silver  

Total items found 15

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