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German Empire, Weimar R.

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  • Item: G24126

    A Pre-First World War 55th Prussian Regiment Dress Shoulder Board  

  • Item: G24131

    A Pre-First War German Officer's Shoulder Board Pair  

  • Item: G29332

    A Bavarian Capital of Munich Veterans and Warriors League 90th Anniversary Badge 1835-1925  

  • Item: G29333

    A German Imperial Veteran's Twenty-Five Year Membership Badge  

  • Item: G32009

    An Iron Cross 1st Class 1914 by Königliches Münzamt Orden, Berlin  

  • Item: G31561

    A First War German Imperial Submarine (U-Boat) Badge by Paul Meybauer, Berlin  

  • Item: G31559

    A First War Prussian Pilot Badge by Gebrüder Wegerhoff  

  • Item: G31562

    A First War Iron Cross 1st Class 1914; Scewback by A. Werner & Söhne, Berlin  

  • Item: G31558

    A Rare Prinzengrosse Iron Cross 1st Class 1914 by Wilhelm Deumer  

  • Item: G29683

    A Weimar Republic Albert Leo Schlageter Plaque  

  • Item: EG1283

    Germany, Imperial. Two Imperial German Red Cross Awards, c.1916  

  • Item: EG1297

    Prussia. Two 1914 Iron Cross Awards  

  • Item: G35479

    Germany, Imperial. A Wound Badge, Black Grade, Screw-Back Version  

  • Item: G35477

    Germany, Imperial. An Iron Cross 1914 Second Class  

  • Item: DMA001

    Weimar Republic. An Honour Cross for Front Figthers of the Weimar Baltic Regiment, c.1938  

  • Item: G35478

    Germany, Imperial. An Iron Cross 1914 First Class  

Total items found 16

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