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German Empire, Weimar R.

Total items found 24

  • Item: G38437

    Germany, Imperial. A Commemorative Flyer Badge in Silver, Prinzen Size  

  • Item: G40021

    Germany, Imperial. A Lot of Regimental Badges  

  • Item: M0259-51

    Germany, Imperial. A First War Flyer's Group of Oskar Wagner  

  • Item: G40069

    Germany, Imperial. A 4th Württemberg Infantry Regiment No. 122 Centennial Medal  

  • Item: G40083

    Germany, Weimar. A Pair of Regimental Commemorative Crosses  

  • Item: G40062

    German, Imperial. A Pair of Wound Badges, Silver and Black Grades  

  • Item: G40077

    Germany, Weimar. A German Traditions Club Badge, Silver Merit Cross  

  • Item: G40089

    Germany, Imperial. A Fundraising Souvenir for German Widows and Orphans  

  • Item: G40058

    Germany, Imperial. An Imperial Patriotic Alliance Badge  

  • Item: G40070

    Germany, Weimar. A Pair of Veteran’s Association Badges  

  • Item: G40087

    Germany, Imperial. A Necklace with Pickelhaube Charm  

  • Item: G40063

    German, Imperial. A Lot of Iron Cross Frames and Cores  

  • Item: G40082

    Germany, Imperial. A 1914 Iron Cross, I Class, Brass Version  

  • Item: G40060

    Germany, Imperial A 1904/1906 Southwest Africa Commemorative Medal  

  • Item: G40073

    Germany, Third Reich. A First & Second War Period Medal Bar  

  • Item: G40088

    Germany, Imperial. A Patriotic Badge, by A. Reimann, c.1914  

  • Item: G40104

    Germany, Imperial. An Imperial Observer Badge, Maker Unknown  

  • Item: G40154

    Germany, Imperial. A Frontkriegerbund Honour Cross, NSDAP Party Member Karl Waidhas  

  • Item: G40155

    Germany, Imperial. A Honour Cross 1914/18, NSDAP Party Member Karl Waidhas  

  • Item: M0044-14

    Germany, Imperial. A Silver Naval Sea Pilot’s Badge of Flugmaat Kühne  

  • Item: G40025

    Germany, Imperial. A 4th Bayern Infantry Regiment Medal Pair  

  • Item: G40019

    Germany, Weimar. A Field Honour Badge  

  • Item: G40035

    Germany, Imperial. A Miniature Medal Chain  

  • Item: G40030

    Germany, Weimar. A Bavarian Free State Crown Prince Rupprecht Medal, Bronze Grade  

Total items found 24

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