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German Empire, Weimar R.

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  • Item: G18471

    A First War Prussian Pilot Badge Stickpin 

  • Item: G18845

    A Freikorps Gross-Hamburg Shield 

  • Item: G18819

    An Iron Cross 1914 Patriotic Medal 

  • Item: G21868

    A Set of Generalmajor Shoulder Boards  

  • Item: G18648

    An Imperial Prussian Air Gunner Badge 

  • Item: G18714

    A First War German Imperial Naval Submarine Badge 

  • Item: G18712

    A First War Prussian Observers Badge for Officers; Prinzen Size 

  • Item: G21902

    A First War Prussian Pilot’s Badge; Unmarked Juncker 

  • Item: G25233

    A 1925 Royal Bavarian Heavy Artillery Merit Certificate  

  • Item: G26755

    A Scarce Danzig Freikorps-Shield for Faithful Service 

  • Item: G23146

    A 1914 Fridrich August Cross; First Class  

  • Item: G26786

    A Non-magnetic Iron Cross First Class 1914; Private Purchase Screwback  

  • Item: G22843

    A Women’s Stahlhelm Organization Members Badge 

  • Item: G23000

    A Freikorps Schlageter Commemorative Badge 1918-20 

  • Item: G32970

    A 1930's Bavarian Industrial Faithful Service Medal in its Case of Issue 

  • Item: G32951

    A First War 1914/16 Baden Volunteer Nurse’s Cross 

  • Item: G32982

    A Mint Iron Cross 1914 First Class by Sy & Wagner in its Case of Issue and Presentation Box 

  • Item: G32952

    An Iron Cross 1914 Second Class 

  • Item: G32943

    A FKB (Front Fighter’s League) Honour Cross 

  • Item: G19892

    A Very Rare First War German Tank Crew Badge by Meybauer 

  • Item: G31150

    A Parade-Mounted Iron Cross 1870 Second Class 

  • Item: G31156

    A Pair of First War Prussian Flyer Reserve Division Nr. 1 Shoulder Straps 

  • Item: G33103

    An Iron Cross 1914 First/Second Class with 1939 Clasp and Wound Badge Stick Pin 

  • Item: G33113

    A Scarce Miniature First War German Imperial Naval Land Pilot’s Badge  

  • Item: G33177

    A Trophy Propeller & First War Awards of Pour le Merite Recipient Alfred Keller  

  • Item: G33202

    A First War German Pilot's Pocket Watch by F.W. Kreis 

  • Item: G33248

    An Imperial German Military Veteran’s Association Technitz Faithful Membership Badge 

  • Item: G33188

    Am Imperial German Parade Drum Hanger 

  • Item: G33232

    A Baden War Veteran’s Association 25-Year Membership Badge by B.H Pforzheim  

  • Item: G33227

    A First War Prussian Observer’s Badge 

  • Item: G33209

    An Iron Cross 1914 First Class; Silver to Lieutenant Puttlitz of Infantry Regiment 129 

  • Item: G33257

    An Imperial german South Africa Campaign Medal for Combatants 

  • Item: G33259

    A Unique Iron Cross 1914 First Class; Silver Backplate Version 

  • Item: G33213

    A Fine Prinzen Size Iron Cross 1914 First Class in its Case of Issue 

  • Item: G31153

    A Rare Cloth Version Iron Cross 1914 First Class 

  • Item: G31189

    A German Imperial Guards Veterans Society Twenty-Five Years' Service Badge 

  • Item: G33057

    A German Imperial Silver Military Pilot Badge Ring 

  • Item: G33083

    A Miniature Iron Cross 1914 with 2nd Class Spange  

  • Item: G33047

    An Iron Cross 1914 First Class by the Royal Mint in its Case of Issue & Presentation Box 

  • Item: G33122

    Six Imperial German Commemorative Medals and Decorations 

  • Item: G33112

    A Fine Miniature First War German Imperial Submarine War Badge  

  • Item: G33124

    An Imperial German Cap Badge 

  • Item: G33146

    A First War Miniature German Imperial Prussian Pilot’s Badge  

  • Item: G33111

    A First War German Prussian Pilot’s Badge; Prinzen Sized Dedicated to Sweetheart 

  • Item: G33110

    A Rare First War German Imperial Miniature Zeppelin Badge  

Total items found 45

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