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eMedals-  Prussia. An Observer’s Badge, c.1918

Item: G36081

Prussia. An Observer’s Badge, c.1918

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Prussia. An Observer’s Badge, c.1918

(Beobachterabzeichen). c. 1918. Constructed of heavily silvered stamped bronze; the obverse constructed of a laurel and oak wreath tied together at the base via a ribbon, with an enameled square insignia consisting of white, black, and red enameled superimposed in the center within a bed of sun rays, with a Prussian crown at the top of the badge; the reverse hollow, with a vertical pinback, a barrel hinge, and a flat catch; unmarked; measuring 46.02 mm (w) x 71.50 mm (h); weighing 18.6 grams; in virtually mint condition.
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