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Weimar Republic

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  • Item: G21022

    Germany, Bavaria. A Fireman’s 50 Years Service Award, c.1930  

  • Item: G37575

    Germany, Weimar. A Württemberg Long Service Medal  

  • Item: G37573

    Germany, Weimar. A Prussian Fire Brigade Long Service Medal  

  • Item: G37569

    Germany, Weimar. A 1924 Artillery Regiment Anniversary Badge  

  • Item: G37571

    Germany, Weimar. A Saxon Honour Cross with Swords for Frontline Combatants  

  • Item: G37590

    Germany, Weimar. A Stahlhelm Saar District Sleeve Patch  

  • Item: G37586

    Germany, Weimar. A Stahlhelm Schlesien (Silesia) Sleeve Patch  

  • Item: G37592

    Germany, Weimar. A Stahlhelm Nordsee (North Sea) Region Sleeve Patch  

  • Item: G37588

    Germany, Weimer. A Stahlhelm Bremen District Sleeve Patch  

  • Item: G37651

    Germany, Weimer. A 1921 Hessian Regimental Commemorative Badge  

  • Item: G37668

    Germany, Weimar. A 1931 Stahlhelm Membership Badge  

  • Item: G37662

    Germany, Weimar. A Bavarian Veteran’s League Merit Cross, by Carl Poellath  

  • Item: G37667

    Germany, Weimar. A 1925 Stahlhelm Membership Badge  

  • Item: G37484

    Germany, Weimar. A Citizen’s Defence (Einwohnerwehr) Membership Boutonniere Badge  

  • Item: G37483

    Germany, Weimar. A Stahlhelm Membership Badge  

  • Item: G37535

    Germany, Weimar Republic. A 1929 Der Stahlhelm Veteran’s Association Membership Badge  

Total items found 16

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