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eMedals-Germany, Imperial. A Non-Combatant EK & Red Eagle Medal Bar

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Germany, Imperial. A Non-Combatant EK & Red Eagle Medal Bar



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Germany, Imperial. A Non-Combatant EK & Red Eagle Medal Bar

A four-place medal bar, a 1914 Iron Cross II Class for Non-Combatants (Eisernes Kreuz 1914 II. Klasse). Reinstituted 5 August 1914. (1914-1918 issue). Constructed of iron and silver, consisting of a Cross Pattée with a blackened magnetic iron core within a ribbed silver frame, the obverse with a central initial “W”, the six o’clock arm with a reinstitution date of “1914”, the twelve o’clock arm with a royal crown, the reverse with three central oak leaves, the six o’clock arm with an initial institution date of “1813”, the twelve o’clock arm with initials “FW” topped by a royal crown, unmarked, measuring 43.45 mm (w) x 47.87 mm (h), on a black and white ribbon; Prussia, Kingdom. An Order of the Red Eagle, IV Type, I Class (Roter Adler Orden). Instituted 12 June 1792. A straight armed cross paty constructed ofgoldgilt silver and white enamel, the obverse centre bears a red crowned Prussian eagle with Hohenzollern state of arms on chest and green wreath below, the reverse bears a crowned “FW” cipher, measuring 39.38 mm (w) x 43.65 mm (h), less than 15% pf gilt remaining, on a white and orange ribbon; Hohenzollern, Dynasty. A Dynastic House Order of Hohenzollern Silver Merit Medal, Type II (Fürstlicher Hausorden von Hohenzollern Silber Verdienstmedaille). A circular medal constructed of silver, the obverse bearing the coat of arms of Hohenzollern circumscribed with “FÜR TREUE UND VERDIENST” (FOR FAITHFUL AND MERIT) surrounded by a wreath of half oak leaves and half laurel leaves, the reverse bearing the royal monogram of Fürst Constantin circumscribed with “Den 1.t Januar 1842”, surrounded by an oak and laurel wreath, measuring 32.09 mm (w) x 36.94 mm (h), on a white and black striped ribbon; Oldenburg, State. A Friedrich August Cross, Iron Cross II Class (Friedrich August-Kreuz, II Klasse). Instituted 24 September 1914. An Iron Cross paty constructed of iron, with a laurel wreath between the arms, the obverse centre bearsthe cipher “FA” for Friedrich August, the 12 o’clock arm bears a royal crown, the 6 o’clock arm bears the date “1914”, the obverse is plain, measuring 39.95 mm (w) x 44.02 mm (h), on a red ribbon with blue stripes, all very fine.
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