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eMedals-WWI German "Maskenbrille" Eyeglasses for Gas Masks

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WWI German "Maskenbrille" Eyeglasses for Gas Masks

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WWI German "Maskenbrille" Eyeglasses for Gas Masks

WWI German "Maskenbrille" Eyeglasses for Gas Masks - These eyeglasses were specifically designed to be worn with the gas mask and were issued for front-line use to soldiers requiring vision aids. Since the metal arms on the regular service glasses (Dienstbrille) prevented the mask from fitting tightly against the face, the Maskenbrille had short v-shaped double arms, hinged to the front, with adjustable cotton straps sewn in place. These straps were looped around the ears and did not interfere with the fit of the mask, the eyeglasses measuring 40 mm x 112 mm. These were the only eyeglasses permitted to be worn in the front lines. The eyeglasses come in their original tin case, maker marked "D.R.G. M. "ROBRA" GES. GESCH." on the inside lip, with a paper instruction label glued on the inside of the lid entitled "Anweisung zum Aussuchen der Doppelarmigen Brille." (Instructions for Choosing the Double-Glasses), the main compartment divided by a green cardboard insert with a paper pull tab lift, which when lifted, exposes a set of spare cotton straps along with a needle and thread for field repairs, hinged, the tin measuring 46 mm x 122.5 mm x 16 mm. A teriffic WWI collectible, in very fine condition.
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