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German Documents & Photos

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  • Item: G17752

    A Signed Photo of Generaloberst Wilhelm Heye 

  • Item: G30235

    A German Labour Front Employee Safety Awareness in Austrian Factories Poster 

  • Item: G29171

    A Wartime Signed Photo of Luftwaffe Ace Colonel Hermann Graf 

  • Item: G30716

    A 1938 German Propaganda Magazine Der Schulungsbrief; Never again Versailles! 

  • Item: G30718

    A Large Unissued Luftwaffe Marksmanship Award Document  

  • Item: G21526

    A Birthday Wishes Telegram from The Duchess Victoria Adelaide of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Genraldirektor Kemner 

  • Item: G18745

    An Award Document Grouping to Minesweeper Machinist 

  • Item: G16964

    A Wound Badge Document to the 125th Armoured Recon Battalion 

  • Item: G21014

    A 1937 HJ Achievement Document at the Berlin Trades Competition  

  • Item: G21486

    Two Award Documents to the Assistant Physician of 195th Artillery 

  • Item: G19332

    An Award Document for Kriegsmarine Naval Front Clasp 

  • Item: G18664

    A Service Summary Report for the 9th SS Artillery Regiment 

  • Item: G16965

    A Wound Badge Award Document to 4th Batt. Fallschirmjäger 

  • Item: G17562

    A Waffen SS Driver's Licence Issued to the 4th SS Panzer Artillery Regiment 

  • Item: G19373

    A Scarce Award Document for Army Flak Badge 

  • Item: G32482

    A Rare Regional Bavarian HJ Competition Award Certificate and Decoration 

  • Item: G32483

    A Service Record to SS-Rottenführer Otto Osterwald 

  • Item: G32485

    A Wartime Studio Photo of an SS Rottenführer of LSSAH 

  • Item: G32490

    A Soldbuch to Partisan Fighting Hilfspolizei Constable Josef Müller, Sen. 

  • Item: G24427

    Two Certificates Westerwald-Verein & Kyffhäuserbund Hermann Wirbelauer, 

  • Item: G27062

    A Wartime Signed Picture Postcard of U-Boat Commander Otto von Bülow 

  • Item: G32473

    The Documents of Aerial Senior Engineer of Luftwaffe Department E3 of Testing Site 

  • Item: G32479

    A Hero's Death Certificate & Eastern Campaign Medal Grouping  

  • Item: G32484

    An Olympic Honour Badge Award Document to Georg Berthold 

  • Item: G32489

    An Official Wartime Propaganda Photo of Wounded Senior Lieutenant  

  • Item: G32476

    A Close Combat Clasp in Silver Document to Grenadier Regiment 364 

  • Item: G32487

    A 1944 Obituary to Fighter Pilot Fritz Todt, KIA 

  • Item: G32492

    Four Second War Luftwaffe Postcards 

  • Item: G32474

    An Iron Cross 2nd Class Award Document Signed by Commander Hans Zorn 

  • Item: G32480

    A Wehrmacht 4-Year Long Service Award Document to NCO Walter Franz Stübig  

  • Item: G32472

    A Document Group to Lieutenant Colonel Erich Kiße; Commander of Security Regiment 603 

  • Item: G32477

    An Hungarian Merit Order Award Document to Lieutenant Colonel Hans-Ludwig Müller 

  • Item: G32488

    An HJ Honour Badge award Document to Heinz Vogel 

  • Item: G32493

    A 1938 Issue of Propaganda Magazine “Der Schulungsbrief”, vol. 5 

  • Item: G32475

    A Rehabilitation Letter signed by SS-Oberführer Dirlewanger; 36th Waffen Grenadier Division 

  • Item: G32481

    A Luftwaffe Document Promoting Medical Corporal Dietrich Wittkopf to Master Sergeant 

  • Item: G32486

    An SS Document Group to the 12th Company of Artillery Regiment 9 

  • Item: G32491

    A Third Reich Period Letter Sent to German Graphics Company Agfa’s Argentina Office 

Total items found 38

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