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German Documents & Photos

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  • Item: G23876

    A Collection of Diaries from Camp 307 POW Lt. Max Gerlach  

  • Item: G26241

    A Fine Document Group to the 5th SS Polizei, Regiment 16 

  • Item: G33636

    A Unused Letterhead of the Chief of Führer Chancellery Philipp Bouhler  

  • Item: G33698

    A List of Approved Close Combat Days to Artillery NCO Johannes Stodt 

  • Item: G33682

    A Photo Album & Militäpaß to Adolf Fenn of the 15th Infantry Regiment of Eisenarch 

  • Item: G33690

    A Promotion Document for Motor Warden of Fighter Wing “Hindenburg” Erwin Hielschet 

  • Item: G33696

    A Document Group to Flak Oberwachtmeister Anton Mischke  

  • Item: G33686

    A Unique Fallschirm Panzer Div. HG Field Made Newspaper  

  • Item: G33694

    A 1934 Photograph of Early SS Man; “Loyalty for Loyalty” 

  • Item: G33684

    A Kriegsmarine KIA Document Group to U-Boat 160 Cook 

  • Item: G33691

    An Award Document for a War Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords to Medical Orderly Erich Arndt 

  • Item: G33697

    Two Promotion Documents to Luftwaffe artificer Friedrich “Fritz” Ritzenhoff 

  • Item: G33689

    A German Imperial Naval Corps Flanders Cross Document to Hermann Teichmann 

  • Item: G33695

    An Large Official 1942 Press Photo of Luftwaffe Pilots at the English Channel 

  • Item: G33685

    A Dönitz Signed Official War Diary of the Commander of U-boats for August 1941 

  • Item: G33693

    A Labour book & lD Card to Alice Hagel; Emil Köster AG 

  • Item: G33699

    A Large Collection of German Propaganda Press Photos of Fascist Spain; 1938 to 1943 

  • Item: G33756

    A Wartime German Family Emigration Document Group 

  • Item: G33761

    An Equipment Administrator Sergeant Qualification Document to the 1st Squadron of Fighter Wing 26 

  • Item: G33766

    A Large Press Period of an SA Wake 

  • Item: G33771

    A Silver Grade Anti-Partisan Badge Award Document Grouping 

  • Item: G33754

    Five First War German FeldPost Letters 

  • Item: G33759

    A Firefighter Honour Badge 2nd Grade Award Document to Erhard Voll 

  • Item: G33764

    A Social Welfare Award Document to Member of the NSKK Transport Brigade Speer 

  • Item: G33769

    A 1914 Brunswick Order of Henry the Lion 1st Class Award Document 

  • Item: G33757

    A Promotion Document to Flak Oberwachtmeister Egdorf, 4th Battery of Flak Regiment 6 

  • Item: G33762

    An Unusual Promotion Document to NCO Ludwig Hadler; Luftwaffe Construction Battalion 

  • Item: G33767

    A 1937 Letter from the Luftwaffe Sales Department Concerning a Civilian Pilot’s Badge 

  • Item: G33773

    A 1919 Berlin Local Election Poster of the Zentrumspartei 

  • Item: G33755

    A 1937 Palatinate Regional Calendar by the Reich Warrior League (Kyffhäuserbund) 

  • Item: G33760

    Two promotion certificates to Flak Oberwachtmeister Franz Baumann 

  • Item: G33765

    The Documents of 5th Mountain Divison Sniper Johann Hauser; France, Poland & Kreta 

  • Item: G33770

    A Rare First War “Day of Sacrifice” German Navy Donation Poster 

  • Item: G33753

    A Wartime Photo of Soldiers Being Awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class  

  • Item: G33758

    Eight Period Photographs from 23rd U-Jagdflottille; Kriegsmarine Submarine Pursuit Unit 

  • Item: G33763

    A 1941 Luftwaffe Signals Radio Training Manual 

  • Item: G33768

    A Document Group to First & Second War Pilot Oberleutnant Helmuth Wendel 

  • Item: G33774

    A Wartime Letter from the NSDAP Gau Administration to the Reich Rail Road Company 

  • Item: G33635

    An Official 1938 Requirement Notice for Awarding of the Anschluss Medal  

  • Item: G33606

    A Unique First War German Red Cross Hospital Train Photo Album  

  • Item: G33608

    A Uniform Issue Document to Flak Sergeant Rausch 

Total items found 41

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