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German Documents & Photos

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  • Item: G34464

    Germany. A Promotion Document With Original Signature by von Brauchitsch  

  • Item: G34462

    Germany. An Extensive Collection of Unpublished Aviation Photographs  

  • Item: G34463

    Germany. A German Eagle Merit Medal Document to Spanish Air Force Sergeant Francisco Obiol Antonino  

  • Item: G34461

    Geramny. A Wehrpaß & Gesundheitsbuch to Obergefreiter Michael Kraus (Eastern Front)  

  • Item: G34499

    Germany. A Historically Significant WWI Photo Album Depicting the Failed 1920 Kapp-Lüttwitz Putsch  

  • Item: G34498

    Germany. A Photo Album & Insignia of R. Faß of the Grossdeutschland Medical Division  

  • Item: G34518

    Germany. An Early & Extensive Photo Album with Funeral Sash to NSKK Brigadeführer Wilhelm Uhde, c.1931  

  • Item: G34568

    Germany. A Medical NCO Fallschirmjäger Group with Rare Loyalty Necklace for Wives  

  • Item: G34719

    Germany. A 1935 Achievement Book for National Sports Youth Badge  

  • Item: G34726

    Germany. A Swedish Press Photo of an SS-Standartenführer Knight’s Cross Recipient  

  • Item: G34732

    Germany. A 1955 HIAG Missing Person Report for Signals SS-Schütze Fritz Fischer, SS Division “Florian Geyer”  

  • Item: G34717

    Germany. An Official Press Photo of LSSAH at the 1938 Nuremberg Rally  

  • Item: G34723

    Germany. A Post War HIAG Missing Person Report for SS Radio Operator at Budapest  

  • Item: G34730

    Germany. A Excellent Private Photo Collection of SS Divisions “Wiking” and “Nordland”  

  • Item: G34720

    Germany. An Early Studio Photograph of SS-VT Engineer Unit Member  

  • Item: G34727

    Germany. A Wartime Photo of an SS Death’s Head Units Member  

  • Item: G34733

    Germany. A Rare Award Document for the Tank Destruction Badge, SS Recipient  

  • Item: G34718

    Germany. Eight Inspection of P.O.W. 3rd Army Corps Banknotes for Prisoners  

  • Item: G34724

    Germany. An Early Photograph of an NSDAP General Honour Gau Badge Recipient  

  • Item: G34731

    Germany. A Scarce Set of 1936 Olympic Art Exhibition Opening Speeches with Menu  

  • Item: G34722

    Germany. A Fine Wartime Period Photograph of an SS-Untersturmführer  

  • Item: G34729

    Germany. A Collection of Nine Customs Officials Photographs, c.1938  

  • Item: G34736

    Germany. An Award & Document Grouping of Ordnance NCO Dahl of Aux. Cruiser “Orion”  

Total items found 23

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