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German Documents & Photos

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  • Item: G18332

    A Luftwaffe Afrika Campaign Cufftitle; Other Ranks Version 

  • Item: G17062

    A General Göring Officer's Cufftitle 

  • Item: G17061

    A Jagdgeschwader Udet Cufftitle; Other Ranks 

  • Item: G29314

    A Wartime Photo of an Unidentified Heer Lieutenant; KIA 

  • Item: G29315

    A Labour Book to Aircraft Manufacturer Employee Erich Wichmann 

  • Item: G29319

    A 1935 HJ Youth Hiking Guide to Baden 

  • Item: G29320

    A 1938/39 HJ Service Notebook  

  • Item: G29321

    A Wartime Romanian Photo of a Luftwaffe Lance Corporal 

  • Item: G29322

    A Hamburg ID Card and Work Passport to Hellmut Libowski 

  • Item: G29473

    A Pilot Observer's Badge in Gold & Diamonds Award Document  

  • Item: G29484

    An NSKK Copy of “Das Kraftfahrzeug”; Motor Education Manual for Young Men 

  • Item: G29485

    A German Labour Front Membership Book to Rudolf Stury 

  • Item: G29486

    A 1940 Wartime Envelope Sent from Occupied Poland 

  • Item: G29488

    A War Merit Cross 2nd Class Award Document 1945 

  • Item: G29489

    A War Merit Cross 2nd Class Award Document 1943 

  • Item: G29490

    A First War Prussian Document Grouping to Lieutenant Nölle 

  • Item: G29491

    A 1916 Preliminary Certificate for the Iron Cross 2nd Class 

  • Item: G29492

    A War Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords Award Document Signed by Karl Burdach 

  • Item: G29493

    A First War Black Grade Wound Badge Award Document  

  • Item: G29494

    An Award Document Group to Grenadier Regiment 521 

  • Item: G29495

    An American 1916 Bond to the Widows & Orphans of the Fallen Germans  

  • Item: G29496

    A German/English preliminary ID card for Hildegard Hasse 

  • Item: G29497

    A First War military ID to Sapper Johannes Sellmann; Battle of Montdidier-Noyon 

  • Item: G29498

    A National Vocational Competition Gau winner certificate to Wilhelm Kossak 

  • Item: G29499

    A Sudetenland Medal award certificate to Schütze Friedrich Heinemann 

  • Item: G29500

    A German Red Cross Decoration Document to Veit Freber II. 

  • Item: G23164

    An SS Soldbuch, Photos, Documents to Oberkanonier 

Total items found 27

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