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German Documents & Photos

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  • Item: G18000

    A Waffen-SS EM/NCO'S Belt Buckle by Assmann 

  • Item: G18036

    A Recovered SS Officer's Belt Buckle 

  • Item: G15486

    A Group to von Gotberg; SS & Police Commander of Central Russia 

  • Item: G23923

    A Kriegsmarine U-Boat Service Photo Album 

  • Item: G24326

    An Early 1909-1911 German Airship & Balloonist Photo Album 

  • Item: G30069

    The History of the Edged Weapon Industry Published by WKC 

  • Item: G30070

    A Post War Signed Photo of SS-Hauptsturmführer Siegfried Brosow 

  • Item: G30073

    A Lot of Five First War German Aerodrome Photographs  

  • Item: G30081

    Photos of NS Gauleiter of Lower Franconia Otto Hellmuth 

  • Item: G30157

    A Post War Signed Photo of SS Officer Karl Kreutz; Oak Leaves Recipient  

  • Item: G30225

    Two Award Documents to Heinrich Weber; RAD & Shooting Badge 1st Class 

  • Item: G30226

    The Personal Photo Album of Oberst Paul Conrath; General Göring Division  

  • Item: G30227

    A German Labour Front & ID Card to Leopold Osterhage 

  • Item: G30229

    An Argentinian 3-Day Leave POW Pass for a Sailor of the Scuttled Cruiser Admiral Graf Spee 

  • Item: G30230

    A Large Wartime Advertisement Poster for AH's Book “Mein Kampf” 

  • Item: G30231

    A Spanish Civil War Award Document Grouping to Heinz Weissmüller 

  • Item: G30232

    A 1937 Sunday Insert of the “Nürnberger Zeitung” Newspaper 

  • Item: G30233

    A Kriegsmarine Hero’s Death Notice of Hermann Stegk 

  • Item: G30234

    A Group of Early Prussian Career Documents to Colonel Hans Ludwig Müller 

  • Item: G30235

    A German Labour Front Employee Safety Awareness in Austrian Factories Poster 

  • Item: G30247

    An Award Document Group to the Cavalry Cossack Artillery  

  • Item: G30248

    A Wound Badge Document to Walter Kretschmer; Luftwaffe Artillery Regiment 16 

  • Item: G30249

    An Envelope Sent on Dornier Do. X’s First Transatlantic Flight 

  • Item: G30250

    An Award Document for the Lappland Shield to Fritz Wittkopp 

  • Item: G30251

    13 Private Wartime Photographs of Admiral Erich Förste 

  • Item: G24287

    A Posthumous Award Document to Kriegsmarine U-23 Officer 

  • Item: G30066

    A 1940 State Debenture Bond Mecklenburg 100 Reichsmark  

  • Item: G30067

    A Very Fine Group of Award Documents to Fallschirmjäger & POW  

  • Item: G30068

    A Sponsoring Members SS Monthly Magazine 

  • Item: G30071

    Two Wartime Drawings of Wehrmacht Officers; Knight's Cross Recipients  

  • Item: G30072

    A Large Lot of Documents to Julius Maier; Award & Family Documents, & Post-War Employment References 

  • Item: G30082

    A Document Grouping to U-136 Commander Heinrich Zimmermann; KIA 1942 

  • Item: G30091

    A Luftwaffe Honour Document from Banak Airfield, Occupied Norway 

  • Item: G30092

    A 1945 Kriegsmarine Hero’s Death Notice  

Total items found 34

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