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  • Item: G41090

    Germany, Waffen-SS. A Wehrpaß & ID Card To SS-Oberscharführer Heinrich Pauser, SS Totenkopf  

  • Item: G41084

    Germany, Luftwaffe. A Wehrpaß to Karl Wimmer (Honour Badge in Silver, Einsatzstaffel der D.M. in Croatia)  

  • Item: G41086

    Germany, Luftwaffe. A Wehrpaß To Artillery Gunner, Heavy Flak Battalion 647  

  • Item: G41163

    Germany, Heer. A Wehrpaß And Health Book To Gefreiter Josef Schmid  

  • Item: G41225

    Germany, Heer. A Wehrpaß, Award Documents, and Photographs to Driver Staff Corporal Alfred Gubelius  

  • Item: G41229

    Germany, HJ. A Wehrpaß And Documents To 16 Year Old Günter Nagel, April 1945  

Total items found 6

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