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eMedals-A Well Documented Group to a Luftwaffe Pilot

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A Well Documented Group to a Luftwaffe Pilot

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A Well Documented Group to a Luftwaffe Pilot

A Well Documented Group to a Luftwaffe Pilot - Oberfeldwebel Rudi Riepelsiep, who joined II./Schnellkampfgeschwader 10, 5 Gruppe (Operated out of Caen-Carpiquet, Amsterdam-Schiphol & Rennes-St. Jacques). Jabo was the shortened word used to describe Jagdbomber (fighter bomber) and Schnellkampfgeschwader translates to fast bomber squadron.  He died in Sicily in August 1943 from AA fire.  Was a flight instructor prior to being inducted into the Schnellkampfgeschwader, as many pilots from this unit were for their superior flying skills. Group includes: Wehrpass for Luftwaffe in superb condition still in cardboard protective envelope, fully filled in with details and service history and awards.  Also has a letter to his Next of Kin from squadron officer (22-9-1943); Award document (30th January 1942 (Wien), for War Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords (signed by a General der Flakartillerie); Award document (19th May 1943) for Iron Cross 2nd Class (signed by Dietrich Peltz “Angriffsführer England”). Awarded for JABO (tip and run) missions over England; Award document (16th June 1943) for Iron Cross 1st Class (signed by Hugo Sperrle, Generalfeldmarschall, Chef der Luftflotte 3 und Befehlshaber West), Awarded for JABO missions over England; Also on the 1st August 1943 (the day of his death) he was awarded Frontflugspange Kampf in Bronze, shown in Wehrpass but no award document given.  He is featured in this book: ;
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