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eMedals-A Luftwaffe Wehrpass to Croatian & Hungarian Award Recipient

Item: G14930

A Luftwaffe Wehrpass to Croatian & Hungarian Award Recipient

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A Luftwaffe Wehrpass to Croatian & Hungarian Award Recipient

A Luftwaffe Wehrpass to Croatian & Hungarian Award Recipient - Wehrpass of Heinz Lenzer: 52 pages, in very fine condition, especially considering how thoroughly filled in it is.   Heinz Lenzer was born January 13th, 1919 in the city of Essen. He originally identified himself as catholic, but at an unspecified time crossed it out and wrote Gottglaubig, meaning a believer in God; it was fairly common to choose not to identify with a mainstream denomination of Christianity, and to instead to go with a spiritual system which was intended to be more compatible with Nazi ideology. When he originally filled in his personal details he was unmarried, but amended his family status when he was married on April 30th, 1941. His marriage produced one child. On addition pasted into the back certifies the Aryan heritage of both as far back as their grandparents. He achieved a level of schooling roughly comparable to a high school diploma which was given to students after ten years of schooling. He was also fluent in English and in French. He volunteered for military service on December 13th, 1938, and had his inspection at the Military District Command Office in Essen II. He was ruled fit for service and placed with the first reserve pool. Before he could begin active service he was required to complete his mandatory labour term with the RAD. That began in the fall of 1939. His service with the RAD in the western construction projects appears to have gone smoothly with nothing to report. On October 5th, 1940 in Hansdorf, he received his first assignment with the Army. He was posted to the Motorised Luftwaffe Signals Company of the Hansdorf Airbase. There he received basic training with the 98K Rifle, the 08 Luger Pistol, and Hand Grenades. He was also trained to be a typist and radio operator. He successfully completed a radio training program, and was allowed to wear the radio operator’s badge. On December 1st, 1939 he was awarded the West Wall Medal. On October 1st, 1941 he was promoted to the rank of Gefreiter. On January 1st, 1942 he was promoted to Obergefreiter. On the same date he was deployed in the Operational Region West. He was in the west again in 1944. On October 5th, 1942 he was awarded the War Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords. On February 23rd, 1943 he was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class. In December of 1943 he was engaged in air defense of Night Fighters in the Home Theatre. On May 12th, 1944 he was awarded the Front Flying Clasp in Silver for Night Fighters. It is not made clear how he earned this distinction. One entry is pasted in on the following page mentioning awards noted in his Soldbuch which were not previously mentioned in his Wehrpass. They are a Croatian Cross for Bravery, probably an Iron Trefoil, awarded on July 26th, 1944. Also an unspecified Hungarian Merit Order from October 15th, 1944. In 1944 he was admitted to a field hospital in Denmark. On January 1st, 1945 he was promoted to Stabsgefreiter.  
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