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Pre May 1945 Photos & Postcards

Total items found 13

  • Item: G25482

    A Period Signed Picture Postcard of Wilhelm Frick; Reich Minister of the Interior  

  • Item: G20956

    A 1938 Invitation for Reichsminister Hermann Göring and Wife to Attend an Opera and Ball 

  • Item: G25483

    A Period Signed Picture Postcard of Artur Axmann; Leader of the HJ 

  • Item: G31745

    A Wartime Photo of a Feldwebel with Iron Cross 1st Class & Demyansk Shield 

  • Item: G31746

    A wartime Photo of Gefreiter with Krimschild 

  • Item: G31747

    A Wartime Photo of General Karl Böttcher; Bulgarian Order of Military Merit  

  • Item: G31748

    Four Luftwaffe picture postcards (Fw. 58) 

  • Item: G31897

    A Wartime Photo of a KC & Oak Leaves Recipient; Christmas 1944 

  • Item: G31895

    Four Wartime Photos of the Focke-Wulf Fw. 56 “Stösser" 

  • Item: G31911

    A Grouping of Reichsbahn Photographs during the Visit of Secretary of State Ganzenmüller 

  • Item: G31898

    A Wartime Photo of an NCO with Krimschild  

  • Item: G31896

    13 Wartime Wehrmacht Photographs of Unidentified Regiment 

  • Item: G31899

    A Wartime Picture Postcard of a KC & Close Combat Clasp Recipient  

Total items found 13

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